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Technology and the Challenge of Education

Pedro Cruz Rivera, José David Torres Quiñones, Jorge Valentine

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This webinar series takes a closer look at the importance of democratizing technological tools and the practical applications of technology in education.

Computer Vision is one of the most important subsets of Machine Learning (ML) and it is the technology that powers Augmented Reality (AR) filters, among other things. For our first webinar, Mr. Pedro Cruz Rivera will demonstrate “no-code” AR applications that make it easy for anyone to use ML in new ways and show us how to get started.

Another technological tool that is becoming more accessible to the general public is Virtual Reality (VR). However, keeping up is difficult, especially for those with fewer resources. Jose David Torres Quiñones explores the notion that it is possible to reduce poverty and inequality gaps by making emergent technologies available to vulnerable communities. Learning how to navigate VR interfaces and applications might become a necessity to access high-paying jobs in the future, and those who can’t afford to become educated in these technologies today may be at a disadvantage tomorrow.

The importance of education cannot be overstated, and our last speaker, Jorge Valentine, understands this very well. He argues that the evolution of education is more evident through the passage of time and technology, and his webinar is closely focused on the effort placed on technology, science and innovation to lead the way in our quest for a digital world under Avant le Gard learning and teaching methods.

Pedro Cruz: Pedro Cruz is a software engineer specializing in VR/AR, Machine Learning, and Tech for Good applications. Pedro is the co-founder of VeoVeo Studios, a Puerto Rican VR/AR studio creating VR Sports games; and Developer Advocate at IBM, where he helps communities launch open-source projects for disaster response.

José David Torres: José David Torres Quiñones is a lawyer with consistent participation in Puerto Rico’s start-up environment. At law school, he was elected Student Council President during the CoViD-19 pandemic. Additionally, he was awarded a fellowship by the American Bar Association in order to participate in an internship at the PR Department of Justice. His legal experience allows him to stand out as a social entrepreneur. In 2020, he cofounded Social Key, due to his interest in emerging technologies and his commitment to eradicating inequality.

Jorge Valentine: Jorge Valentine is the Director of the STEM Program at the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust. He is a PhD candidate at Ana G. Méndez University.