Disconnected Experiences

Chuli HERRERA 2020-2021


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Welcome to this special Artist Journey from the Disconnected Experiences Garden of Cuba. In my work, painting and digital practices converge. My painting is indebted to the great masters of painting who have had an impact on visual memory and collective culture. In this sense, social networks are a repository in which the visual culture of our time is poured out in real-time. Understanding the functioning of their algorithms, the use of hashtags and search engines is part of my research process. From the conjunction between technologies and painting emerge pieces that, although they have a pictorial result, are closely related to the multiple forms of digital representation between zeros and ones.

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By Chulli Herrera. Garden Curator: Nestor Siré; Steering: Michael M. Thoss; Coordinator: Raquel Ávila; Jury: Cristina Figueroa Vives, Jorge Fernández and Yusnier Mentado; Assistant: Yainet Rodríguez

Asniel S. Herrera González | Chuli HERRERA (Cuba, 1987): has participated in the Havana Biennial and the 6th and 7th Beijing International Art Biennial. He has had several solo exhibitions, including BE ONE, #cronicassentimentales and Como yo puedo. He has participated in group exhibitions in art centers in Havana, Beijing and Paris. He was awarded the Unique Prize at the XXVIII Visual Arts Salon Fidelio Ponce de León and the prize of the International Festival Visuarte in 2012.