Ars Electronica Garden Montreuil/Paris

City without city: hidden gardens of city

City Interaction lab (FR)

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The main idea of City Interaction Lab aims at building interdisciplinary, inclusive city experiences. We work online as a virtual cross-boundary community, make field trips in urban areas around the globe, teach each other about mobility, green and blue spaces of cities, and how to rethink cities in the 21st century. We are researchers, urbanologists, artists and educators. We organize open workshops, common projects, development initiatives and volunteering in the city. Main areas of our work are: city perception, city analysis, and different types of data visualization. In this Ars Electronica Garden, we present all the areas of our work as well as inviting people to participate in group projects where everyone can come to discuss matters of city perception, draw the city, and see some results of citizen science. We will focus on finding hidden spaces that form new types of city gardens and green spaces, encouraging us to rethink the concept of city gardens. The main goal of the garden is to make the city-dwelling experience participatory and show how everyone could contribute to city analysis and data collection in a creative way.


The project is organized in City Interaction Lab hosted in Albatros Space. The main project is coordinated by Liu Bauer and Vera Baumann. The project is collaborative and all participants of the workshop in City Interaction lab will be acknowledged in the project page.