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Collaborative Nature of Robots

JetBrains Techlab (NL)

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JetBrains Techlab is an educational gallery where humanity and technology meet. In the 400 m2 main exhibition area you can become familiar with our main themes (Robotics, AI, 3D printing, and AR & VR) through different exhibits and installations. The mission of JetBrains Techlab is to give every child in the world the opportunity to become an engineer of the future. It aims to raise children’s awareness of technology, help them learn how to control it, and inspire them to create. As a company focused on the future of technology, JetBrains has always been interested in higher education because that is where the foundation for great engineering often lies. Because the company believes that passion for technology begins at an early age, it was essential to create an educational and interactive experience for a younger audience. This was the key motivation behind the creation of JetBrains Techlab, where families can experience technology firsthand. During this event, we would like to give you a brief overview of our current exhibitions with the help of a gallery host. Following this, you will learn more about robots and their collaborative nature during a short lecture from one of our robotics engineers. In addition to this, there will be a short demonstration of collaboration with various types of robots (such as humanoids, manipulators, etc.) that we showcase in our gallery.


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JetBrains Techlab (NL)