La Fabulosa República de la Montaña


Fabián Andrade (CL)

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The video Art piece taken in the ecological community Peñalolén, at the outskirts of Santiago, playing with surrealism and our train of thoughts as intangible of the republic, the video an abstract form and a dark parody of the classic nature documentary. It shows a mixed and new dystopian nature, with human intervention. We follow “Quebrada de Macul”, a small river and the only water source for the community in a dry landscape that depends directly on melting from the Andes, The presence of the liquid and its literal life. It comes with a deep reflection about our water, and scarcity that Chile might suffer due to global warming. The piece is also very autobiographical and shows familiar places, but somehow represents “Kuge Morgen”, at these COVID times.

Fabián Andrade: Chilean and Welsh, creative technologist & film, managing areas of computer graphics such as design, motion & programming on a diverse range of projects. After working in different cities around the world such as London, Copenhagen and Santiago. He had the opportunity of working with an eclectic mix of brands such as: Windows, Ford, Adidas, Unilever, Braun, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Honda, Stella Artois, among others, and big agencies like: Wunderman, TMW, VCCP, Ralph&co, Havas Helia, and J. Walter Thompson. But at some point he decided to leave London and come back to build a farm with his father and dedicate to permaculture and art. Now after COVID he has found a new way to collaborate with people from his mud house.


Fabián Andrade, Director (CL)
Enrique Rivera, Art curator (CL)