Ars Electronica Garden Lugano

Digitale Consapevole

Divisione Eventi e Congressi (CH), Città di Lugano (CH), Lugano Living Lab (CH), IDSIA (USI-SUPSI) – Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (CH)

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Christian Löffler, SPIME, Alberto Barberis, Gysin Vanetti, Gabriele Marangoni, Leonardo Angelucci e Sabrina Cerea

In September, the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies – IDSIA (USI-SUPSI) – for the 50th anniversary of the Dalle Molle Foundation, in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab, Events and Congresses Division of the City of Lugano - Longlake Festival Lugano and Ars Electronica of Linz, will present a series of concerts, installations and conferences on the topic of artificial intelligence and “A new digital deal”, all immersed in the beautiful natural scenery of the City of Lugano.

Our festival revolves around the concept of DIGITAL AWARENESS, exploring the relationship between man and technology, men and machines, aiming to stimulate a reaction and a debate about what a sustainable future of conscious coexistence could look like.


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Christian Löffler:
Located on the Darss Peninsula, overlooking the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, there is a wooden hut nestled among the surrounding birch and willow jungle. The hut is Christian Loeffler’s atelier, where he locks himself away to work on both his visual art and his music. Modest and in some ways rudimentary parameters that allow Loeffler to make sincere and honest music, focusing only on the essentials.

Turin-based media art collective SPIME.IM set out the corner points of where they are travelling: from 2050-style breathless machine funk and crumbling glitches, over hyper-charged synthesizers and fluorescent hardcore, to vast and forceful ambient: SPIME.IM’s leaping sound is crystal clear, balancinig human-scale harmonies with digital artefacts. ZERO is both SPIME.IM’s starting point, and an extrapolation of their razor-sharp debut EXALAND.

Alberto Barberis:
Versatile artist, Alberto Barberis is active as composer, electroacoustic performer, code artist, programmer, sound engineer and electronic music teacher. Since 2017 he teaches ‚Electronic Music‘, ‚Music Technologies‘ and ‚Live Electronics‘ at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana of Lugano (CH). In his creations he combines acoustic instruments, electronic devices, digital art and programming with a personal ‚biological tension‘.

Gysin Vanetti:
Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti are an artist duo exploring images and patterns using the type geometries of multipurpose displays. What characterises the projects is that their intention is to not modify the layout (or visual organisation) of the chosen hardware – they work with what the existing has to offer. Within these hard constraints they search for infinite visual permutation. Using only prevailing forms, Gysin-Vanetti build images, animations and generate patterns. Both born in 1975, Andreas and Sidi’s friendship stems back to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ticino where they teamed up for what would be the first of a long-lasting collaboration: a dissertation on visual communication.

Gabriele Marangoni:
His work ranges from ensemble to orchestral music, from experimental ensembles to electronic from experimental ensembles to electronic and theater music. His research starts from an absolute vision absolute vision of sound. Sound as a matter with which everything is possible. „My thought is sound and with sound I can create, contribute to creation. The sound for me is a pure element, which allows you to reach a sensory level of communication, where once denied the understanding, aseptic and superficial, the listener can explore their paradigms of interpretation. their own paradigms of interpretation. To give oneself to sound also means to discover one’s own fragility, to make contact with one’s own intimacy. The act of sound, the moment of execution, must be for those who take part in it (performers or audience) a ritual, where all their energies flow together. all their energies, you have to push yourself to the limits and use the maximum of your potential“. His production is supported by Italian and European artistic and musical foundations and his works are commissioned by festivals all over the world. He is founder and artistic director of the Secret Theater Ensemble. He teaches at the Conservatory of Music in Cagliari, his scores are published by Da Vinci Editions in Osaka.

Leonardo Angelucci e Sabrina Cerea CH
0x000, 0xfff is a graphic and interaction design studio, founded by Leonardo Angelucci (0x000) and Sabrina Cerea (0xfff), based in Lugano and Zürich, Switzerland. Focusing on coding and graphic design for screen and print, they work mostly with culture and institutions. The studio currently teaches at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. In their artistic works, they experiment with the relation between digital technology with the principles of meditation, body, and mind.


Lugano Living Lab, Divisione Eventi e Congressi Città di Lugano – Long Lake Festival Lugano, Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull’Intelligenza Artificiale – IDSIA (USI-SUPSI)

For the musical part:
Alberto Barberis in the work “Invisible Through Bach”
Ruse, a live influenced concert with real-time user feedback
Timo Hoogland with an automatic live coding and percussion concert based on the AI engine
Spime (main act 1)
Christian Löffler (main act 2)

For the artistic part: 
Gabirele Marangoni with the work FLUCSUS
Gysin - Vanetti with the work TRIVISION
Angelucci and Cerea with the opera ALPHA

For the conference and workshop part: 

“Between blockchain, token and NFT: future scenarios for the art market”
With the workshop “How to create and sell an NFT”
“Human and artificial intelligence compared”
EQuiD collection stand
Decorate this computer! An urban graphic contest.
eQuiD and the culture of recycling

The Festival will end with a Digital Detox Day

The square of the new University Campus and some of its classrooms, the POLO FOCE, the Ciani park, the Capanna Monte Bar will be the main venues that will host the ARS ELECTRONICA Lugano GARDEN.