Taiwan Grand Tour

Earth Tour

André Chiang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Wen-Chieh Chang (TW)

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We are what we eat

The plants growing on earth nourish us, and someday we will all return to the ground. It is where life ends as well as begins. Soil is no doubt the stop for the transition of life. Thus, in the program “Earth Tour”, viewers will participate in a performance art called “Taste Soil”, which intends to rethink the relationship between humans and land by means of “eating.” The program brings together international eminent chef Andre Chiang , dancer Billy Chang, and new media artist Hsin-Chien Huang, Wen-Chieh Chang, fusing Taiwan’s unique traditions and customs with cuisines and dance performances via VR experience. A feast to the eyes and tastebuds awaits. The program offers a documentary for the making as well as a link for a time-limited viewing.


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Andre Chiang (TW): Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018; The 15 Most Influential Chefs of the next decade by Elite Traveler. Chef André has researched how our capacity to taste food is influenced by our memory banks, through the personal experiences we acquire over time. This has led him to develop a culinary principle – OCTAPHILOSOPHY – based on eight primary characteristics: Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South and Artisan – the backbone of the creative process of ANDRE’s creation

Billy Chang (TW): Billy Chang studied dancing in TNUA, exploring passions for nature and life other than the traditional East and West narrative. Using dancing to connect to the beauty of life, he makes the pace of life and our daily behaviors sync up with nature. In recent years, he has tried to do theatrical performances on the big screen.

Wes Kuo (TW): Uses cooking to explore the land where he grew up and reflect the images of traditional customs. The search for the ingredients kicks off a series of journeys of finding places of origin and learning about different species, integrating his understanding of nature and his love for Taiwanese culture into cooking. Kuo presents a delicate impression of Taiwan’s modern cuisine.



André Chiang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Wen-Chieh Chang (TW)