Education for Future Generation in Art, Technology, and Society

Maaya Makino, Andrew Newman

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Maaya Makino, Garden Manager
Andrew Newman, Garden Manager and Producer – European Platform for Digital Humanism.


  • Garden Jerusalem / The Naggar School of Art and Society (IL)
  • Garden Birmingham / STEAMhouse, Birmingham City University (GB)
  • Garden Newcastle / Art Thinking Australia (AU)

In the world of ‘A New Digital Deal,’ we need interdisciplinary ability to think about art, technology, and society from multiple perspectives. How can we teach this invisible skill to the future generation? In this Guided Tour, we would like to introduce various Gardens focusing on Education for young people.

Garden Jerusalem collaborated with the university students of the Choir group in the New Music Department. STEAMhouse at Birmingham City University sees that STEAM is centered on collaboration and openness, and believes that those principles are most fully realized when the arts and the sciences are allowed to collide, for the creativity embedded in both to be released. Through their discussion, you can see the various educational programs from all over the world and find tips for how to DEAL WITH our future society.