The 'Entrance and Distancing' Deals in the Digital Era

Entrance Deal

Su-Ch Hsu (TW), Chen-Hua Lu (TW), FBI Lab (TW), Chiao-Chi Chou (TW), You-Yang Hu (TW), Jiahe Zhao (CN), Xuezhi Liu (CN), Shih-Hung Ku (TW), IoA/NTHU (TW), Yuan-Fu Yang (TW) & Iuan-Kai Fang (TW)

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With the rapid development of science and technology, many changes have occurred in society, politics and life. There are many different “entrances” in science, in society, in emotion, and in ecology. Some of these entrances allow us to explore the roots of life, some make our society a paradigm shift, some make subtle changes in emotions between people, and some even bring a huge change in the world.
There are many obstacles and deceptions in society, politics and life. There are five digital artworks which concern “Entrance Deal” through interactive installation, artificial intelligence, bio-art, blockchain and social media.
During the Covid-19 Epidemic, every building is covered with QR-Codes. They saved them with NFT and will auction them as a deal on the NFT trading platform.
The artist, studying abroad, decided not to go home during the 2021 Spring Festival. She made a DIY kit and sent it home, which brought cross-strait consensus on the Spring Festival and reunion.
Impressionism expressed the scientific meaning of „light“ in artistic creation. Artists trained the image generative model from the COVID-19 as a metaphor of the scattering phenomenon of light.
When two black holes orbit each other, they chirp. In the web-based applet, audiences could change the tone of the chirps by tuning several parameters of the physical model.
Humans do not have the ability to control the atmosphere. Plants use their stomata as the entrance of perception to decide to protect their lives.

Su-Chu Hsu (Curator): For 30 years, she has acted as a bridge and promoter of Taiwan’s technology and art. She once established Taiwan’s first graduate program of technology and art, founded Taiwan Association of Technology Art, and developed FBI Lab. She is also the convener of the interactive category of the KT Technology Art Award in Taiwan. In addition to technology and art, she is currently promoting “STEM with an A” interdisciplinary education, hoping that technology (science) and art will take root.

FBI Lab (Artist): FBI Lab is a short name for Futuristic Brilliant Interaction Laboratory. It was established in 1998, originated from Taipei National of the Arts, and transferred to National Tsing Hua University in 2017. FBI Lab has long been engaged in the creation and research of technology and art. What FBI Lab wants to explore and focus on is not only technology, not only art, but more importantly, how to use technology and art to care about people, our society, the natural environment, and even the future cloud network community.

Jiahe Zhao (Artist): Jiahe Zhao is currently studying at National Tsing Hua University. She takes her personal life as her creative environment, and uses technology to reflect on the connection problems in modern life.

Xuezhi Liu (Artist): Xuezhi Liu is currently studying at National Tsing Hua University. Art and design are his ways of thinking and expressing, and he loves to look at the world from a dialectical perspective.

Yuan-Fu Yang (Artist): Yuan-Fu Yang is a Ph.D. student at National Tsing Hua University, researching how AI can enhance human creativity. He joined tsmc in 2006. Yang conducts research and production across fields such as defect inspection and yield prediction using deep learning techniques. Yang himself has been exploring the potential expansion of painting creativity through AI and human experts.

Iuan-Kai Fang (Artist): Iuan-Kai Fang is a PhD student in National Tsing Hua University. Master’s degree in lighting design from Parsons School of Design, NY. He has been engaged in interior design for nearly 20 years. His works have won numerous awards including Red Dot ,IF, etc. However, he just started to touch the field of AI Art. Currently, he is studying the technology of how a 2D single image automatic generates to a 3D model.

Shih-Hung Ku (Artist): Shih-Hung Ku recently graduated from TNUA New Media Art. He is also known as JKDEER and is a Taiwan-based music producer and media artist. His artworks focus on combining sound with various media. Inspirations come from his imagination of technology and daily experiences. One of Ku’s sound installations received a Bronze award in the National Art Exhibition and was exhibited at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art.

Chen-Hua Lu (Artist & Executive Curator): Chen-Hua Lu is a computer scientist focused on high performance computing, algorithms, scientific computing and computational genomics across disciplines. His latest research topics are in the cognitive science, visual communication and robopsychology fields via artificial intelligence approaches. He is currently a PhD student at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

IoA/NTHU (Artist): IoA/NTHU is the Institute of Astronomy at National Tsing Hua University, established in 2001. The purpose of the Institute is to conduct high-quality teaching to cultivate younger generations for astronomy education and research, to perform front-end astronomy research, and to become an internationally well-recognized institution.

Chiao-Chi Chou (Artist): Chiao-Chi Chou is a creator specializing in biological manipulation. Her family background of botanical scientific research has had a profound impact on her artistic development. While studying at University, Chou began to devote herself to creating biological installations. She collaborated with artist You-Yang Hu, and they have created a series of works exploring the relationship between humans and plants.

You-Yang Hu (Artist): You-Yang Hu is a new media artist who blurs the boundaries between technology and art. He developed an awareness and ability to balance the junction between technology and art, whether focusing on computers or plant signals, he insists on using practical operation and experience to realize his works. Hu is focusing on computer science, seeking to open up conversations in a cultural framework.