Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht

Fair Tech and Virtual Fun

IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL)

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CODE presentations on digital agency + Bal Masqué: Ars Electronica and EMAP Closing Party, organized by IMPAKT – Virtual background battle and mask performance. With preceding workshops.

Welcome to the Fair Tech and Virtual Fun: the Utrecht Garden by IMPAKT. In a time in which the digital world has become our habitat, where we live, meet, work, celebrate and breathe online, this year’s Utrecht Garden will focus on two topics.

In the CODE presentations we focus on Fair Tech and Digital Agency. CODE is a collaboration between IMPAKT and School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe in Berlin to bring together artists, citizens, politicians, and policy makers about issues of privacy and freedom in our digital public sphere.

In our workshops and online Bal Masqué party i.c.w. EMAP — European Media Art Platform and Ars Electronica, we use Zoom as a playground for virtual VJ-ing and digital dress parties with masks and filters. You are all invited to wear your most crazy digital masks and party with us during this unique virtual club night.

IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] is a media arts organization based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, focusing on the relationship between contemporary society, media, technology and arts. The whole year round we organise exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panels, performances and artist talks — both online and offline. Each year we present the IMPAKT Festival, a five-day multimedia event. The upcoming festival ‚Modern Love‘ takes place from 3-7 November and is co-curated by Katerina Gregos.


Bal Masqué: Ars Electronica Closing Party 2021 is a collaboration between IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture], EMAP — European Media Art Platform and Ars Electronica.
Workshops hosted by Sabrina Verhage (Creative Coding Amsterdam); Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus (iii, and Jeroen Witjes (IMPAKT).
CODE is a collaboration between collaboration between IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] in Utrecht, the Netherlands and School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe in Berlin, Germany. CODE NL-D is made possible with the generous support of Fonds Soziokultur, Cultural Participation Fund, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Goethe Institute and Creative Industries Fund NL.