Women in Media Arts – Female Directors

Manuela Hillmann (DE), Maaya Makino (JP)

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Manuela Hillmann (DE), Producer of Festival Gardens
Maaya Makino (JP), Garden Manager


  • Garden Tokyo (JP) – The Power of the Unseen
  • Time, Sound, Resonance, Ecosystem, Social Body, Bond and Life
  • Garden Barcelona (ES) – Hybrid times – Interdependence


Manuela Hillmann and Maaya Makino invite you to a tour about women in Media Arts in particular female directors in the framework of Garden Tokyo – The Power of the Unseen and Garden Barcelona Hybrid times.
Asako Tomura, the main director of Ars Electronica Garden Tokyo and Carolina Jiménez , who is the coordinator of the research department at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production, present the two gardens in a dialogue about the theme of the Power of the Unseen. They will explore the continuous efforts of the winners of this year’s Japan Media Arts Festival, to express the signs of changes in society. They will focus on the main challenge of the new digital, to resist the transhuman capitalist dream of the digital as utopia, and to try and compose instead hybrid, bastard, problematic, metastable and interdependent approaches to the digital media.