From Seedling to the Sky

Natalia Fedorova (RU)

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An artist talk by Natalia Fedorova, “From Seedling to the Sky”, will cover bioart projects with a dendrological focus. In Olga Kisseleva’s “EDEN”, the memories of trees are addressed to help geographically remote trees, and possibly humans, avoid catastrophic scenarios. In “Tree ID”, by Agness Mayer Brandis, the tree is addressed as a possible bearer of different Umwelten, or sensual perceptions of the world, through volatile organic components. Similar components are made visible in Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits’ “Atmospheric Forest”. In To “Be the Wind for the Tree” Natalia Fedorova is interested in creating an interspecies communicator with the trees based on their physiological parameters, to then translate those into a form of poetry generator.


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Natalia Fedorova (RU): Natalia Fedorova is a curator, artist and researcher, working in the field of science art and new media. Her work as a curator includes tenures in media art laboratories like the Theatre of Nations (Moscow) and Big Drama Theatre (St Petersburg), the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), and the National Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow). Her artistic work has been exhibited at festivals like Manifesta, ISEA, and EVA.