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Garden Aotearoa Exhibition

Garden Aotearoa (NZ)

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The Garden Aotearoa Exhibition showcases over 20 projects from New Zealand’s artists, musicians, scientists and researchers in the form of prototypical installations, performances and talks. The Garden is designed as a bi-directional portal and welcomes national and international visitors to a cyber-physical environment. Local guests can visit the physical exhibition hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation at VUW in Wellington; and international guests can experience the projects in a virtual 3D gallery and through a series of online events. This includes a sonic music night hosted by Meow, one of Wellington’s famous night clubs. We are looking forward to welcoming you in person in Wellington or online using your mobile phone, PC or VR headset.

The exhibition will showcase over 20 projects including:
LightSense by arc/sec Lab: Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu
AHLab: Tharindu Kaluarachchi
ECLab: Amit Barde and Ryo Hajika
CyberBio: Jacky Ziyi Zheng, Uwe Rieger, Yan Li
The Song: Charles Koroneho
Cross-Currents: Mizuho Nishioka (NZ/JP), Kerry Hines(NZ), Wayne Barrar(NZ), Tane Moleta(NZ)
Futuna Chapel: Katie Scheid and Marc Aurel Schnabel
Haptic Hongi: Mairi Gunn, Prasanth Sasikumar, Huidong Bai, Ryo Hajika, Sachit Muthukumarana – Auckland Bioengineering Institute (NZ). Wendy Lawn
TechnomancyXR (UK) Boat: Sarah-Jane Blake and team James Blake, Alice Louise Lacey, Alistair Maude Roxby, Alistair Moore, Khrissie Rhodes
Polynomial Divination: Douglas Easterly
Minimum Mass: VUW – Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria, Sunny Teich, John Aberdein, Jimi Wilson
Floreal Film: Katayoun Dibamehr,
Avi Amar Spectra: Black Johnston
Click::RAND: Paul Dunham ensemble
mechatronic: Blake Johnston, Jon He, Bridget Johnson, Jim Murphy
Senses Swirling in Virtual Reality: Thomas Tucker (US), Tohm Judson (US), David Franusich (US) Lucas Freeman (US), Phat Ngo (US)
Material Music: Mo H.
Zareei Tectonic: Jim Murphy
Embodied: Miriam Ross
Pinokio: Adam Ben
Dror Channelling Future Technologies: Dr. Juan Schutte, Prof. Olaf Diegel, Simon Chan
Tumour Evolution in Extended Reality (XR): Network!, arc/sec Lab, Centre for eResearch
Ultrasonic Whisper: DIV Lab (ShanghaiTech University) – Hua Yang, HongSheng Gao, ZiQiang Huang; and the arc/sec Lab: Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu; in collaboration with MARS Lab: Hau Fei Kuang; and CASE Lab: Ting Ting Yang.