Artificial Intentionalities


On-site exhibition

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Exhibition Duration

18:00 HKT / 12:00 CET Opening
Sunday 12.09.2021
10:30 – 18:30 HKT / 04:30 – 12:30 CET Open to Public
Mon 13 – Fri 17.09.2021

GARDEN HONG KONG at Osage Gallery is a one-week finissage art show of Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Hong Kong. Introducing Artificial Intentionalities, the Garden statement reads “Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong’s curatorial inquiry explores various paths to better understand the entanglements that surface in the tectonic interplay of divergent worlds, where robots challenge social models, artworks try to understand each other, and the faraway meets the nearby.“ The Garden Hong Kong is thus a call for „a DïaloG of curiosity and speculation alongside a salutary cocktail of poetry, science, politics and conviviality.”
The natural conclusion of this significant contribution to the Ars Electronica Festival is the Galactic Wine Sharing Party that closes the Garden while opening GARDEN HONG KONG @ OSAGE GALLERY. It is a synthetic presentation of artworks of different kinds: interactive videos; dialogues with 26 artists and curators; real time recording of 360 live view of the Party; and the world premiere of a Robotic AI art installation Power Chess in the format of an art show. The works address topics related to contemporary art practices at present time, as well as the future of their existence / materiality / visibility in an artworld in constant mutation, while reflecting on the aesthetic, scientific, philosophical, or social issues that dither our tormented times.


Théodora BARAT (FR) • CHAN Ka Chun, Joseph (HK) • Marco DONNARUMMA (DE) • Tuçe EREL (DE), Kattie FAN (HK) • Jeffrey GEIRINGER (US/HK) • David Rodriguez GIMENO (ES) • Joanna HOFFMANN (PL) • Ryo IKESHIRO (JP/UK/HK) • Jonathan KEMP (UK) • Tobias KLEIN (DE/HK) • Vvzela KOOK (HK) • LAI Chiu Han, Linda (HK) • RAY LC (US/HK) • LIN Pey-Chwen (TW) • Alexey MARFIN (US) • Cédric MARIDET (FR/HK) • Kingsley NG (HK) • Royce NG (HK) x Alvaro CASSINELLI (UY/HK) • Ellen PAU (HK) • Vincent RUIJTERS (NL/JP) • TSENG Yu-Chuan (TW) • TSUI Brothers (HK) • Ken UENO (US) • WONG Suk Yin, Elaine (HK) • Viola YIP (HK, DE) • Damien CHARRIERAS (FR/HK) • Tamas Pal WALICZKY (HU/HK) • Elke REINHUBER (DE, HK) • Maurice Benayoun (HK/FR) • Dr. Martin E. Rosenberg (US) • Prof. Beatrice de Gelder (NL) • Dr. Tanya Ravn Ag (DK) • Lisa SoYoung Park (HK/KR) • Prof. De Kai (US/HK) • Refik Anadol (US) • Nicolás Mendoza (CO)

Curated by

Ann Mak

Chaired by

Maurice Benayoun (FR/HK)