Ground of Care and Control – Part 2

Sybille Neumeyer (DE), Julia Vergazova (RU), Nikolay Ulyanov (RU), Liliia Akivenson (RU), Evgenii Savenko (RU), Alla Mitrofanova (RU)

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Part 2. Artist talks 

To care is to give: to give shelter to life, life-saving antibiotics (Sybille Neumeyer), gentle footsteps (Julia Vergazova and Nikolay Ulyanov) or a voice (Liliia Akivenson and Evgenii Savenko). But who is the giver and who is the receiver in the human-soil relationship? How will technologies help us take care of the soil and hear it? And where is the invisible border between care and control among the dominant logic of agricultural productivity? The conference participants will follow the approaches of Maria Puig de la Bellacasa* to develop “speculative thinking” as a political imagination of the possible, and present artistic projects on our relationship with soil, where awareness of the existence of others contributes to establishment of a new ethic for living together. *Maria Puig de la Bellacasa. Matters of Care // London and Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press – 2017, p 269


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Sybille Neumeyer (DE): Sybille Neumeyer is an interdependent artist and researcher. Her projects, based on collaborations and dialogues with a diversity of knowledge, focus on more-than-human relations, naturecultures, and ecological issues. Through different media, participatory formats and polyphonic narration, she is giving non-human perspectives voice and agency, while exploring the correlations of biocultural diversity loss, climate crisis and more-than-human health.

Julia Vergazova (RU): Julia Vergazova is an artist and curator. She graduated from the Cologne Academy of Media Arts and Moscow Rodchenko Art School. Her areas of interest include the redefinition of the distances between biology and technology, and natural and synthetic intelligence. Vergazova is focused on research in the context of a mutating and accelerating reality. She is curious about borderline bodies, cyber-organisms and revisiting concepts of human and non-human, sensual and machinic, and our relations with the environment.

Nikolay Ulyanov (RU): Nikolay Ulyanov came to art in 2019. He composes microtonal albums, writes poetry and programs graph hypotheses. In 2020 he had two solo exhibitions, participated in Prepared Environments, and in micromusiclab, in Algorave. His immediate creative goals involve experimenting at the intersection of formal and informal restrictions: be they connected to semantics, rhythms, rhymes, sound, combinatorics, mathematics, programming, etc.

Liliia Akivenson (RU): Liliia Akivenson is a sound researcher, a Lecturer of Noise at SRI (Scientific Research Institute, with a regular seminar «Sound in the Field»), and a graduate of IEA RAS (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Her scientific interests include thanatological practices, sound studies and deep listening.

Evgenii Savenko (RU): Evgenii Savenko has been working with sound since 1996. He has been a curator and moderator of noise scenes in various festival venues since 2005. As an artist (aka Lunar Abyss Deus Organum/Mykoriza/Hattifnatter/Боевые Цикады), he participates in festivals of varying scale, such as SKIF, Electromechanica andSpace of Joy.

Alla Mitrofanova (RU): Moderator Alla Mitrofanova is a philosopher and one of the founders of the cyberfeminist movement. She is a curator of the Philosophical Cafe, and the organizer of the translation seminar for Karen Barad’s book „Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning“