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Ali Hossaini (GB), Olive Gingrich (GB), Mick Grierson (GB), Joshua Murr (GB), Shama Rahman (GB), Alan Renaud (HE)

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The Internet of Neurons

An explosion of biohybrid technologies is bringing our bodies and brains online. What happens when we’re all connected? Groupthink gives a glimpse into a future where art emerges from the heart. Audiences anywhere can join via webcam. Software detects their pulse and translates it into a visual score performed live by sitarist Shama Rahman and percussionist Mick Grierson. Located in the National Gallery’s basement, a resident AI reinterprets famous paintings in the museum above as a pulsating video environment that responds to the audience and performers to grow the entangled roots, limbs and life of imaginary forests.

Active participants can log into the event URL with a webcam. – Observers can experience the event through a live stream on YouTube.

Ali Hossaini – Collaborative artist (GB): The New York Times calls Ali Hossaini ‚a biochemist turned philosopher turned television producer turned visual poet‘. Hossaini’s pioneering work in media and the arts includes launching seven TV networks, creating immersive video installations, commissioning artworks with A-list Hollywood talent, and serving on IEEE standards committees for AI & BCI. Current projects span biological autonomy, equal access to healthcare, film and immersive theatre. Hossaini is co-founder of National Gallery X.

Olive Gingrich (GB): Olive Gingrich is a media artist, researcher and co-founder, and curator at Art in FLUX London. His practice oscillates between intangible phenomena and presence – working frequently with mixed reality environments and bio-sensors such as EEGs. With the collective Analema Group, the use of high-end technology results in immersive experiences (Tate Exchange, 2019, National Gallery X 2020). Olive is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the National Centre for Computer Animation.

Mick Grierson – Collaborative artist (GB): Mick Grierson is Research Leader at UAL Creative Computing Institute. His research explores new approaches to the creation of sounds, images, video and interactions through signal processing, machine learning and information retrieval techniques. Mick is also a co-founder of the Daphne Oram Trust. Hardware and software based on his research has been widely used by production companies, start-ups and artists including Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Christian Marclay and Philippe Parreno.

Joshua Murr – Collaborative artist (GB): Joshua Murr is studying for a PhD with the Creative Computing Institute. He is researching novel and creative means of interacting with generative machine learning models looking to find ways of democratising machine learning by making expressive tools for artists and designers

Shama Rahman – Collaborative artist (GB): Shama Rahman is a scientist, artist, creative technologist and futurist. She holds a PhD in the neuroscience and complex systems of Creative Cognition and Innovation and her work has encompassed the use of wearable technology to enhance storytelling. She is the co-author of ‘Creativity in the Twenty First Century: Multidisciplinary Contributions to the Science of Creative Thinking’ and ‚NeuroDesign by Springer. She has toured internationally and was the first Sitarist Explorer to perform in Antarctica on the first ever Antarctic Biennale.

Alain Renaud – Collaborative artist (HE): Born in Switzerland, Alain Renaud is an interactive sound designer. He started his career in music production in the USA before moving to London. In 2009, he completed a PhD. in network music performance at SARC, Queen’s Belfast. He then moved to Bournemouth University in the UK to develop a cutting research initiative. He later moved back to co-found the digital strategy think-tank, MintLab and a digital events startup. He is a member of the Analema Group collective and works on commercial projects in fields such as VR. Alain mentors aspiring artists in foundations and art schools.