[Anti]disciplinary Topographies

Interbeing Between Complex Systems

LASER Helsinki/Espoo (FI), LASER Mexico (MX), LASER Totnes (UK), LASER Zurich (CH)

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We are not alone on this planet, but part of a vast, complex web of species, agents, and other beings. What are our ethical responsibilities to the environment and to the multiplicity of living systems that comprise it? How can practitioners of art, science, and technology sustain these dynamic networks and evolve interspecies communication?

“Adaptation and Interconnected Agencies: Designs for a Cooler Planet/ Helsinki Design Week in Otaniemi” is a panel discussion addressing environmental, geopolitical and perceptual changes affecting living and non-living entities in the Arctic region. LASER Helsinki/Espoo

“Is There Any Time Left?” is a speculative dialogue about challenges relating to artistic research and practice in a time of profound environmental urgency. LASER Mexico

“Growing the Growers” is an online exhibition of the food-growing year in Schumacher College’s Henri’s Field and the Walled Garden at Dartington. LASER Totnes

“Your Health: Wild, Cultivated or In-Vitro Plants!” is a multimodal exploration of how and why our food production will change in the future to incorporate the concepts of wild plants, cultivated plants and in-vitro plants. LASER Zurich


Colum Pawson (UK), Edmar Soria (MX), Frank Ekeberg (NO), Laura Beloff (FI), Luz María Sánchez (MX), Luz Maria Sanchez Cardona (MX), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (MX), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (MX), Pia Fricker (FI/AT), Tracey Warr (UK)

LASER Helsinki/Espoo (FI): Hosted by Aalto University and co-chaired by Laura Beloff, Pia Fricker, Ksenia Kaverina, Kirsi Peltonen, Nitin Sawhney & Koray Tahiroğlu. Aalto University, Finland is a new multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, business, and art and design.

LASER Mexico (MX): Co-chaired by Luz Mara Sánchez Cardona, Alejandra Osorio, Jess Fernando, and Monreal Ramrez and hosted by Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), in collaboration with the University of Bergen. UAM is a public university founded in 1974 on the concept of innovation, whereas ENTORNOS is a working group comprised of UAM academics, students and alumni, whose objective is to constitute an alternative and independent space for research on new technologies in a field that integrates technology philosophy, computer science and artistic research.

LASER Totnes (UK): Hosted by the Dartington Hall Trust and co-chaired by Tracey Warr and Alan Boldon. Dartington Trust is a center for learning, arts, ecology and social justice based on a 1,200 acre site near Totnes, in Devon.

LASER Zurich (CH): Hosted by ZHdK and chaired by Jill Scott, featuring talks by renowned artists, scientists and hybrids. LASER Zurich is organized in partnership with Life Science Zurich from the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich, Artists in Labs Program at the University of the Arts, ZHdK and the World Wildlife Fund Volunteers.