Student Theater

Iran Taaziye

Golnaz Asldini (IR)

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paratheater, ritual, community

This Taaziye ( Taziyeh) movie is about ritual of the Nooshabad people in a small city near Kashan, Iran. Annually, many people get together to mourn the martyrdom of Emam Hossein. The main feature of this event is that all activities in cities would be cancelled during the mourning carnival. This event is accompanied with live traditional, folklore music with a jubilant rhythm, but tragic lyrics. it’s the director has published a book about this subject, and defended her dissertation in master of theater directing in Turkey.

Golnaz Asldini: Golnaz Asldini, MA in theater, analysis of performance theory of Richard Schechner and its correspondence to Iranian Taaziye. October 2017, University of Aidin Istanbul.