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Networking Party on VRChat

ARTNORI: Ark Park(KR), Junghoon BakShim(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Minah Kim(KR), Jiyoung Hong(KR), Hyeri Lee(KR), Wonjeong Lee(KR), Sol Yoon(KR), Jeongwoo Park(KR), Woogyeong Lee(KR), Juyeong Park(KR), Jeongwook Goh(KR), Hongseok Lee(KR), Dongyoung Won(KR), Junghoon Han(KR), DarwinTech Corp.(KR), Yunjeong Kim (VRChat PD)

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Networking Party on VRChat

Due to the coronavirus, we lost our space to listen to music and dance.
We want to recreate the joy of fantasy in a virtual space, play and dance with global people. Club culture has been centered on Western music and Western dance so far.
ARTNORI will invite you to the ‚Jang-gu in the Club‘, where anyone can dance excitingly with traditional Korean sound based on Samullori Instrumental Music.
We are ready to present you with a fantastic time that you have never experienced before. Are you ready to have fun?

– Contents:
– Networking Party
– Two DJing performances
– Various elements of play, such as tightrope walking and popping, etc.

This event will be held in VRChat.
Entry Access: VRChat – Search ‚Jang-gu in the Club‘ world

ARTNORI (KR): ARTNORI is a compound word of ART + NORI (PLAY), proving that art can be a play. People who have fun in various fields based on film, dance, music, photography, fine arts, and VR gathered.


Ark Park(Director/Writer), Junghoon BakShim(PM/Photo&Video), Jun Ryu(Music & Audio Director), Minah Kim(Choreographer/Performer), Jiyoung Hong(Performer), Hyeri Lee(3D & Game Engine Director), Wonjeong Lee(Artistic Director), Sol Yoon(3D Graphic Artist), Jeongwoo Park(VR Space Designer), Woogyeong Lee(Space(Stage) & Prop Director), Juyeong Park(Space(Stage) & Prop Director), Jeongwook Goh(Space(Stage) & Prop Director), Hongseok Lee(Space(Stage) & Prop Director), Dongyoung Won(Modeling), Jughoon Han(Technical Director), Technical Collaboration : DarwinTech Corp; Yunjeong Kim (VRChat PD)