Ars Electronica Garden Novi Sad

Journey – Danube Dialogues

Gallery Bel Art (RS)

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The journey „Danube Dialogues“ gives an impression of the garden Novi Sad and its topics. In the age of Coronavirus, social distancing takes on a different meaning since distance has been transposed into politics, economics, sociology, ecology, and even science. The usual dialectic flow of things has been disturbed while the pandemic and raging capitalism show us a disease – both actual and metaphorical – that arises out of systematic dereliction of care for the individual, even in developed systems of government. Even highly significant achievements are no longer credible symbols of progress since each step forward brings with it concern, uncertainty and fear. In this state of affairs, the role of art is of exceptional importance. Society and Art in a Forced Reality – the name of our main exhibition – intends to point out the effectiveness of homocentric topics and the function of art. Man today needs art that works for his being and his existence, the efficacy of clear aesthetic systems and ethical principles.

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City of Novi Sad, Austrian Cultural Forum (Belgrade), Fundatia Triade (Timisoara), Gallery Arosita (Sofia), Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad)