Interactions Between Nature, Science and Art

Lía Aliaga (CL), Francisco de Lara (ES), Carlos Rivera (LU / CL), and Antonio Hales (CL)

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Round Table: \“Interactions between Nature, Science and Art\“. Both institutions invited the following speakers to discuss the theme: Francisco de Lara (ES) and Carlos Rivera (LU / CL) [both invited by Fundación Mustakis]; and Antonio Hales (CL) [invited by ALMA Observatory]. Discussion to be led and moderated by Lía Aliaga (CL).


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Lía Aliaga (CL): Lía Aliaga is an architect with a Masters in Landscape Architecture by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2011). She has collaborated with the Centro UC at Atacama Desert, developing a thesis based on the arid landscape in the north of Chile. She has also participated in platforms such as “Clima extremo: sustentabilidad en el desierto de Atacama”, planning sustainable cities. Aliaga has also collaborated with the website Ladera Sur.

Francisco De Lara (ES): Francisco read philosophy at Gerona and Barcelona University. He has a PhD by Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg University and the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid. He has been awarded the DAAD and La Caixa Fellowships, and is aco-founder of the Sociedad Iberoamericana for the study of Heidegger. He is the founder and editor of the international magazine Fenomenología y Hermenéutica ALEA. He is urrently a teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Carlos Rivera (LU/CL): Carlos Rivera Studied Visual Arts at Arcis University. His work has been exhibited in Chile and throughout Europe. It springs from a pictorial research concerning the (in)visibility of the artistic object, encompassing light, shadow and the use of everyday materials, such as masking tape.

Antonio Hales (CL): Antonio Hales is a scientist at NRAO and the manager of the Array Performance Group at ALMA. His interest in astrophysics often entangles art and science through the use of music, sound and literature. His work focuses on the origin of planets, relying on both theoretical models and observing facilities such as ALMA Observatory.


Lía Aliaga – moderator and collaborator for round table
Leonor Merín – coordinator from Mustakis
Alicia Pedroso – coordinator from Mustakis
Valeria Foncea – coordinator from ALMA