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Neanderthal Programming for Sceptics

Deborah Hustic (HR), Paula Bucar (HR), Damir Prizmic (HR)

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Neanderthal Programming for Sceptics

The intergenerational online workshop is intended for beginners of all ages willing to delve into the logic of the programming processes with an aim to understand the processes behind the machine brain, how it sees and where the similarities between programming and actions we human beings take in our every-day life. The concept behind the workshop is to demystify technology and the life of the machines with an aim to see the role of human beings in these processes.

Facilitators: Deborah Hustić, Paula Bučar
Medium: Zoom


Radiona.org: Radiona.org (2011) connects open source and STEAM by implementing interdisciplinary projects with emphasis on community building, participation, cohesion, knowledge transfer and co-creation focusing its activities on education, research, artistic projects, curatorial practices, residencies, international collaborations, renewable systems, repair activities, citizen science and social awareness.

Deborah Hustić: artist, curator, educator, producer.

Paula Bučar: artist, educator, cultural worker.

Damir Prizmić: designer, maker.