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Neo-Human Scale

HjkEg Collective: Heeju Kim(KR), Eugene Godunov(MD)

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‚Neo-Human Scale‘ involved research into various topics such as proxemics, the scale of human history, microbial community distribution, the concept of distance in biology, and cosmology. It incorporates images of the natural environment including images of microbial communities, drones, human social distance, and the distance in space and the galaxy. This process of evolution shows how we emerged as Homo sapiens from primitive organisms. Initially, the work was produced with horizontal installation on the floor to provide the viewer with a unique omniscient perspective from top to bottom.

HjkEg Collective: The HjkEg Collective is a two-person collective (Heeju Kim and Eugene Godunov) based on interest in social phenomena. They have traveled together in Korea, Japan, and Europe for the past year, working together to visualize the phenomena that they see happening today. Heeju Kim, the representative of HjkEg Collective, creates and researches media art that presents creative results between social, environmental, technology, science, and music. Eugene Godunov from Moldova Kishinau is a media artist, musician and video producer based in Seoul.


HjkEg Collective