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Neuroaesthetics: The Future of Interdisciplinary Art

Kinda Studios (GB), Marshmallow Laser Feast (GB), Tayos & Jon Hopkins (GB), Goldsmiths University (GB)

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A participatory Neuroaesthetics design & research experiment infusing breathwork with artworks from Marshmallow Laser Feast & Jon Hopkins

This interactive, participatory session guides audience members through the growing interdisciplinary field of Neuroaesthetics, providing a toolkit and takeaways for building effective Art-Science experiences. Together, we will engage in a Science-Informed Design process, using the The 5-5 Experience Research Study, a collaboration between Kinda Studios, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Jon Hopkins and Goldsmiths University as a working example. The works explore the role of digital artworks on training the breath and body. Findings from the research experience will be collated and shared for wider public application, exploring more integrated routes to arts and neuroscience collaborations. By supporting creative intuition with neuroscience insight, we can build cultural experiences that work harder for the mental health, wellbeing and connection of individuals worldwide.

Kinda Studios (GB): Kinda Studios is a female-led creative science studio that translates neuroscience from the labs into creative experiences which are designed to enhance human connection. Through their Science-Informed Design process and curating interdisciplinary teams of artists and scientists, they design experiences which help to enhance the transformative ability of art and culture. At the intersection of science and the lived experience, they have worked with award-winning creatives to produce and test pioneering work across the visual arts, sound, and immersive media.