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New Media Tour

Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW), Yi-Chi Lin (TW), Tsai Ning (TW), Siou-Ming Wu (TW), Wei-Chung Feng (TW), Ching-Chuan Hu (TW), Jie-Huai Yang (TW), Jia-Hua Zhan (TW), Sio-Pang Hong (TW)

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We are what we see

Thanks to the digital era and the rapid advancement of technologies, the mediums available to modern artists are not limited to canvas on an easel. Instead, they utilize video, sound, electronic music, installation, and various new media to explore different issues, such as family, memory, city, society, landscape, and environment. Hence, in the “New Media Tour” program, nine brilliant pieces created by Taiwanese artists will be shared as the relay points for the “Formosa Grand Tour.” We firmly believe that digital tools can also capture warmth and emotions in reality. A link for a time-limited viewing and the introduction of the artists will be available.


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Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW): Media artist specializing in using new media technology for creative work, such as programming, VR, electronic machines, network, and lighting, and exploring the relationship between humans, technology, and the Internet. His works have received many local and global awards, for example, the Best Technical Award of SIGGRAPH Asia XR in 2019.

Yi-Chi Lin (TW): Now lives and works in Taipei. Lin received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts. With educational backgrounds in both contemporary art and film production, her works take the form of video art, experimental cinema, and video installation.

Ning Tsai (TW): Graduated from the Department of Architecture of NTUT and with a master’s degree in Digital Design from the Institute of Architecture of NYCU. As a digital creator, Tsai uses various mediums, such as constructive sets, space, audio, and images, to research and create subjects focusing on behavioral interaction and visual cultures.

Siou Ming Wu (TW): Digital artist, musician, sound designer, and currently a part-time lecturer in the Department of Music, Tainan University of Technology. His practices include sound, images, installation, and electronic music. His work explores the perceptual experience in the social interface, such as urban/space, land/identity, and people/identification, reflecting on the relationship between people and the environment. He further translates his reflection into certain types of sound and makes it audible.

Wei-Chung Feng (TW): Graduated from the Graduate institute of Animation, Tainan National College of the Arts, and currently lectures at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Chaoyang University of Technology. His animated works have won domestic and international awards, such as Golden Harvest Awards for outstanding Short Films. Feng’s documentary films have been featured on PTS’ Viewpoint. Loves to experiment with new creative formats, and has delved into aerial photography and 360-degree video technology.

Ching-Chuan Hu’s (TW): Art practice mainly explores the heterogeneity between technology, human memory, and perception, including the relationship between reality, virtuality, and real life. Her works have previously won ”Best Experimental Work” at the FIRST International Film Festival, ”First Prize” at the 2018 Kaohsiung Awards, ”Gold Award” at The 24th ifva Festival in Hongkong.

Jie-Huai Yang (TW): He was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1992, and now lives in Taipei. His works include photography, sculptures, and writing. He is inspired by his personal emotions and absurd situations in daily life to create footage reflecting reality and society.

Jia-Hua Zhan (TW): Graduated from the Graduate School of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). She specializes in integrating visual art and performing arts, and her work often explores the relationships between different individuals, people and technology as well as people and media. She has been awarded the First Prize of the Visual Art category in Bains Numériques #7 and the Outstanding Alumni in the 60th Anniversary of the NTUA.

Sio-Pang Hong (TW): (b. 1982, Macao, lives and works in both Taipei and Macao) His works seek divergences of times, spaces and cultures, and use various formats from traditional media to contemporary technologies, especially ink painting and digital art, based on his Master’s degree studies of Fine Arts at NTNU as well as his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at NTU, and his PhD in Fine Arts from NTNU.



Ching-Chuan Hu (TW)
Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW)
Jia-Hua Zhan (TW)
Jie-Huai Yang (TW)
Sio-Pang Hong (TW)
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Wei-Chung Feng (TW)
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