Art Thinking et al. - Recalibrating the Compass

New(Castle) Education Model

Panel: Michele Oshan (AU) Dr Braddon Snape (AU) Professor Mario Minichiello (IT/US) Professor Paul Egglestone (UK) Host: Kristefan Minski (AU)

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FASTLab, Clyde Street Precinct, The Creator Incubator

University of Newcastle’s Future Art Science & Technology Lab (FASTLab) is joining forces with Newcastle’s fastest growing and grass roots creative precinct to envisage completely new pathways in tertiary education. Inspired by the Festival University program at Ars Electronica, this event provides a unique perspective on future education possibilities from the local Garden partner of Newcastle, Australia. A new education model is being developed by the School of Creative Industries that promotes collaboration between academia, governance, industry and the arts community. A paradigm shift that promotes Art practice skills and critical thinking education outside of the institutional walls and as a way to combat the necessary expertise that is being diminished from Universities across the country. In this panel, we meet some of the protagonists involved and hear about the ideas and thinking behind it.
Hosted by Art Thinking CEO, Kristefan Minski, the panel brings together the leading minds behind this fascinating initiative and provides new perspectives into the international dialogue on the future of the University.

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