Garden NYC – Day 3 (Friday)

Anne Wichmann (US/DE), Melissa Ulto (US), Austin Lee (US), Several NFT and AR artists from all over the globe, Dr. Howard Teich (US), Geoff Wilcox (US), Clay Boykin (US), Sarah Charley (US), Menka Sethi (US), Amelia Lichtenberg (US), David Lobser (US), Clara Francesca (IT/AU), Flex Dance Program (US), Ulisespal (US/AR) & She’s Excited! (US/DE), White Lights (US), David Pressler (US), Sadaway & Handhead (US), Grant Bouvier (US), Kamel Ghabte - (FR/MA)

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In The Portal

1. Workshop Flex Dance Program (12-1:30pm EST): Flex Dance Workshop for kids and youth (online and in-person)

2. The Portal / AR Sculpture Garden (1:30-3pm EST): Enter a new world through our portal, and explore the AR Sculpture Garden.

3. Panel Discussion: “What new paradigms excite you in the age of accessible VR/AR/MR and art?” (3-4pm EST): Grab your VR Headsets and enter the TelePreziApp-portal into our conceptual conversations about the interface between art, technology and community.

4. NFT Gallery (4-6pm EST): Step right up to the META-MENAGERIE! This NFT installation will dazzle your senses and take you on a journey into the emerging world of digital crypto art.

5. Conscious Community (6-9pm EST): The Conscious Community Program will explore the question of how we can start dialogues across different mediums, cultures, backgrounds and communities, and how new technology can help us connect and perhaps even heal. The Flex Dance Program will host an online and in-person workshop for kids and youth as well as perform. All the artists will be body captured into VR spaces that Sky Rolnick coded and will perform in his Infinity Studio VR. Ulisespal and She’s Excited! Invite the audience to participate in their audio-reactive sound and visual sculpture as well as perform live. Afterwards there will be a Q&A with the artists to start and deepen dialogues.

6. NKB x Ars Electronica (9-11pm EST): By investigating the relationship between video and sound brought together by technology that until recently could only be dreamed of, our selection of talented NYC-area audio/visual artists will peel back through the litany of lost futures and promised utopias that haunt our imaginations until the ideological perversity buried within these promises is extracted and understood.


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Curated by XRE, NKB and Vizmesh

1. Flex Dance Program – Educator / Dancers

2. Anne Wichmann & Melissa Ulto – The Embryonic Dome
Austin Lee & Melissa Ulto – The Portal

Kamel Ghabte – AR Creative Several AR artists from all over the globe

3. Dr. Howard Teich – Panel Discussion (Psychology)

Geoff Wilcox – Panel Discussion (Music)

Clay Boykin – Panel Discussion (In Search Of The New Compassionate Male)
Sarah Charley – Panel Discussion (Divination)
Menka Sethi – Panel Discussion (Architecture)

Amelia Lichtenberg – Panel Discussion (Relationship Anarchy)
David Lobser – Panel Discussion (Cosmic Sugar)
Clara Francesca – Panel Discussion (Moderator)

4. Several NFT artists from all over the globe

5. Flex Dance Program – Educator / Dancers
Ulisespal – AV artist
She’s Excited! – Sound artist
Sky Rolnick – Infinity Studio VR

6. White Lights – AV artist
David Pressler – AV artist
Sadaway & Handhead – AV artists
Grant Bouvier – AV artist