Garden NYC – Day 4 (Saturday)

Anne Wichmann (US/DE), Melissa Ulto (US), Austin Lee (US), Mx Oops (US), David Lobser (US), Milenaria (US), Sean Devare (US), Chloé Lee (US), Leticia Almeida AKA Tanky - (UY), Mathías Chumino AKA C03RA – (UY), Carrie Able (US), Sky Rolnick (US) And Guests, Ulisespal (US/AR), She’s Excited! (US/DE), Brian Thabault (US), TJ McCau (US), YANDL (US), Rob Interface (US), Kamel Ghabte - (FR/MA), Several NFT and AR artists from all over the globe

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In The Portal

1. NFT Gallery / The Portal / AR Sculpture Garden (4-6pm EST): Enter a new world through our portal, explore the AR Sculpture Garden and step right up to the META-MENAGERIE! This NFT installation will dazzle your senses and take you on a journey into the emerging world of digital crypto art.

2. Enhanced Poetry (6-8:30pm EST): The Enhanced Poetry Program brings together digital and analog artists who have never before co-created together.Each poet, comedian, dancer, healer and musician will be paired with an augmented reality artist who will use Tilt Brush and Cosmic Sugar to make live virtual art inspired by the analog artist and vice versa.

3. Live in the Cube (8:30-9pm EST): The audience is invited to participate in an interactive sound sculpture, to enjoy audio reactive visuals & relaxing binaural beats and electronic sounds, and explore together how/if technology can heal us.

4. NKB x Ars Electronica (9-11pm EST): By investigating the relationship between video and sound brought together by technology that until recently could only be dreamed of, our selection of talented NYC-area audio/visual artists will peel back through the litany of lost futures and promised utopias that haunt our imaginations until the ideological perversity buried within these promises is extracted and understood.


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Curated by XRE, NKB and Vizmesh

1. Anne Wichmann & Melissa Ulto – The Embryonic Dome
Austin Lee & Melissa Ulto – The Portal
Kamel Ghabte – AR Creative
Several NFT and AR artists from all over the globe

2. Sean Devare – Interdisciplinary performance
MX Oops – Interdisciplinary performance
Milenaria – Healer
Chloé Lee – Digital Artist
Leticia Almeida AKA Tanky – Digital Artist
Mathías Chumino AKA C03RA – Digital Artist
David Lobser – Cosmic Sugar
Sky Rolnick – AR
Carrie Able and other guests
Curated by XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble)

3. Ulisespal – AV artist
She’s Excited! – Sound artist

4. Brian Thabault – AV artist
TJ McCau – AV artist
YANDL – AV artist
Rob Interface – AV artist