Disconnected Experiences

Oleaje (Swells)

Martha Luisa Hernandez Cadenas (MINIPUNTO) (CU)

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Welcome to this special artist journey from the Disconnected Experiences Garden of Cuba. This work is the result of the first República de la Gráfica (Republic of Graphics) residency and an experience of collaboration and writing shared with Darien Sánchez. In Oleaje we have tried to discover routes to make fragmented and symbolic cartography of Cuba from a performative practice that mixes editing, narrative, and representation. The process has included the exploration of the capacities that digital technologies offer us to compose from the image and the word. A set of maps and artists‘ books are connected with immersive spaces built-in virtual reality, based on writing as a provocation.

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By Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas. Garden Curator: Nestor Siré; Steering: Michael M. Thoss; Coordinator: Raquel Ávila; Jury: Cristina Figueroa Vives, Jorge Fernández and Yusnier Mentado; Assistant: Yainet Rodríguez

Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas | Martica Minipunto (Cuba, 1991): She is a writer and performer, founder of the independent publishing house ediciones sinsentido. She was coordinator of the Scenic Laboratory of Social Experimentation (2016-2020). She has published Días de hormigas (Ediciones Unión, 2018), winner of the 2017 David Poetry Prize, Los vegueros (Colección Sureditores, 2019) and La puta y el hurón (Éditions Fra, 2020), winner of the Franz Kafka Novel Prize. She has also won the La Selva Oscura Essay Prize and the Rine Leal Theatre Prize.