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Online Showcase ‚Interactive +‘

Hop Step: Doyeon Kim(KR), Minjae Kwak(KR), Jungsoo Lee(KR), Hyun Cho(KR) / Ingrowing Liaison Office: Seuli Lee(KR), Teo Bahk(KR), Moses Yu(KR), Jiwon Kwak(KR), Jinkyung Her(KR) / No-Normal: Eunkyeong Kang(KR), Jihye Park(KR), Bora Youn(KR), Jisoo Lim(KR)

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‚Interactive +‘ is an online showcase to introduce the creation of the K-arts X Ars Electronica Academy, a creative education program run in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Export. Part 1. Interactive+ section, which creates an artistic message under the theme of Humor for Future Community with a creative media “game”. This program aims to experiment with new possibilities of artistic creation through works created based on the hybrid environment of digital humanism, paying attention to this virtuality and interaction.

Hop Step: Hop Step consists of four people from different backgrounds and natures gathered to form a Hop Step team to discuss the community and balance. Art director and level designer Doyeon Kim, art director and UI designer Minjae Kwak, project manager, UI technician, scenario designer Jungsoo Lee, technical director and game designer Hyun Cho are together.

Ingrowing Liaison Office: The Ingrowing Liaison Office is a team of five crews: game designer/technical artist/creative designer Teo Bahk, script manager Jinkyung Her, music-sound designer/level designer Jiwon Kwak, project manager/art designer/level designer Seuli Lee and lead programmer Moses Yu.

No-Normal: No-Normal consists of four people: Eunkyeong Kang, who are working on interactive graphics, Jihye Park, who creates/produces art games, Jisoo Lim, who designs projection mapping visuals with interest in generative art and audio-visual. And Bora Youn, who works as a scenographer and art director in theatrical arts.


Main Lecturer: Youngju Kim (Loopntale, KR)
Associated Professor: Insoo Park (KR)
Technical Mentor: Jinsoo Kim(KR)
Ideation Mentor: Myeongjin Yang(KR)