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Performance ‚New Ritual‘

SaaWee: Sita Chay(KR), Jihye Kim(KR), Insoo Park(KR)

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‚New Ritual‘ is a spiritual performance that combines Korean shamanic rhythms, traditional mask dance, and modern musical language to embrace humanity and heal the wounds of modern society. The performance has five sections and begins with an entry into an artistic spiritual trance through counterclockwise motion.

SaaWee: SaaWee is a duo consisting of Latin Grammy Awards-winning violinist Sita Chay, who is originally from New York, and London-based percussionist Jihye Kim. Insoo Park, a master of the Bongsan Talchum(mask dance), also participated in this performance.


Main Cast
– Violin : Sita Chay
– Janggu and Percussion: Jihye Kim
– Mask Dance: Insoo Park

Video Production
– Video Directed by Lee Milby
– Camera Operators: Sharan Kukreja, Wes Darbouze