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Performance ‚The Purpose of the Talchum‘

Insun Park(KR)

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A Study on the Formal and Practical Meaning and Sustainability of Mask Dance in Modern Societ

Insun Park’s ‚The Purpose of the Talchum‘ (2021) approaches the Korean traditional mask dance from a modern perspective, focusing on the roles of women and disability in the mask dance. It also poses questions on how the mask dance can reach out to and interact with audiences.

Insun Park (KR): Insun Park began studying the Gangryeong Mask Dance (National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 34) in 2001 and is currently active as a trainee. With works such as Othello and Iago, Three Generations Edition, Paldo Bobusang, Hwanghae-do Watermill, The Purpose of the Talchum, and Yeolha Ilgi, she has been expanding the scope of traditional performance.


Performer, Producer and Composer: Insun Park
Director: Miran Kim
Music: Byoungseong Kang
Lighting: Youjin Park
Sound: Jaesik Park
Stage manager: Myuksoo Lee
Video: Hyokyung Noh
Photography: Kwanhee Yoon
Producer: Hana Cho