Molten Airs

Plant trafficking workshop

Brigita Kasperaitė (LT/DE)

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Limited number of participants with registration.

The workshop „Plant trafficking“ re-thinks the monetary value of nature and its place in our daily lives. The journey that plants take until they settle in one’s home makes us see them as trophies. Meanwhile, the spirituality of the forest, where humans go to refresh themselves, forces us to re-think about the daily rituals that people perform with plants and the way they interact with them – as other species. What does it mean to feel nature spiritually and at the same time monetize it? Through various practices and with the help of sensors, the artist proposes to broaden the discussion about plant trafficking.


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Brigita Kasperaitė: Brigita Kasperaitė is a multidisciplinary artist who works and lives in Berlin (DE) and Kaunas (LT).


In collaboration with Becky Lyon, Giulia Mattera
Script: Tuçe Erel
Imagery: Luis Bustamante