PolySocial Realities and Virtualities

Polysocial Podcast

Amy Johnson, Mahalia Henry-Richards, Christl Baur, Manuela Hillmann

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Audio Podcast

Launching the first podcast in a series on Polysocial Realities, creative researchers Amy Johnson and Mahalia Henry-Richards chat with Christl Baur and Manuela Hillmann of Ars Electronica Festival. They discuss the role of cultural institutions as platforms for communication and provocation.


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Amy Johnson: Amy Johnson’s portfolio combines craftsmanship with new technologies, and surveys the relationships between human, natural and technological actors through experience-led design. Exploring narratives and storytelling augmented by virtual means and ritual are of particular interest.

Mahalia Henry-Richards: Interdisciplinary designer with a background in architectural and digital design, as well as performance and education. Her current research and design work centres around experimenting with combining these disciplines, with a particular focus on exploring how we can craft hybrid experiences existing physically and digitally, to create more opportunity for nuance and visceral moments.


Hosts credits: Amy Johnson, Mahalia Henry-Richards Guests: Christl Baur, Manuela Hillmann, others TBA