24h Rave

Porto Porto

Alex Tibbitts (CA/US), Quan (CA/VN), Samito (CA/MZ), Boogieman (CA), Milo Johnson (CA/US)

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Porto Porto is on a mission to bring music that collectively raises our human vibrations. The stresses of isolation melt away in hearing dreamy delays of the harp mixed with an up-tempo bass and beat line. Grounded by Milo Johnson’s bass lines, and reinforced melodically with his horn and string accompaniments, the team -featuring Alex Tibbitts, Quan, Samito and Boogieman- promises to transport the listener from rain forests and remote island villages to busy urban underground.

For this MUTEK performance, they invite bassist and composer Milo Johnson (Busty and the Bass). He will be grounding the ever soaring and experimentally derived Porto Porto vibes with bass lines, as well as composing horn and string parts for the various movements of the show which will be played live on stage by a who’s who of surprise musical guests.

Porto Porto is making their own brand of experimental avant-house techno. Montréal based, the group is a melting pot of musical styles and cultural backgrounds, featuring an eclectic group of electronic musicians, sound artists and music producers. Together, they weave bass-heavy beats and lush melodies in an unconventional ensemble form. The group features Alex Tibbitts from California on the Bionic Harp, Quan from Vietnam on his custom-designed modular synths, Samito from Mozambique on the keys and vocals, and James, a.k.a. Boogieman & Montréal-local, on modular beats, bass lines and sound design. James and Quan, the group’s sound designers and beat makers, introduce elements from their own field recordings.