The Power of the Unseen

VR theater, “Prometheus Unbound” Ars Electronica 2021 Garden TOKYO ver.

Meiro Koizumi (JP)

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VR experience available until September 30th

The VR theater piece „Prometheus Bound,“ which premiered in 2019, created an experience that placed the audience between two extremes: virtual and real, euphoria and awakening, transcendence and limitation of the physical body. The online version of the new VR work, a sequel to the previous work, will be revised and exhibited as Ars Electronica 2021 Garden TOKYO ver. The dreams of young people living abroad as laborers during the pandemic are superimposed on a vision of the future in which humanity is freed from physical suffering. The anxiety of the young people who have nowhere to go is sublimated into the anxiety of the avatars who are trapped between existence and non-existence, and eventually unfolds as a collective nightmare in the VR space. This theater piece poses a question about how we visualize an image of human beings beyond the experience of the pandemic, when we all had limited contact with others and had to rely on virtual communications.
This play can be viewed either by using PCVR or web browser(Google Chrome is the recommended).
※ Please Note: Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android tablets or smartphones are not supported. If STYLY doesn’t open properly or freezes during loading, then it might be because of the device you are attempting to use.
Please see the STYLY web page for further information.

Born in 1976. After graduating from International Christian University, Koizumi moved to England to study visual expression at Chelsea College in London. He explores the relationships between the state/community and the individual, and between the human body and emotions, through experimental videos and performances that interweave reality and fiction. He has participated in exhibitions at Tate Modern’s BMW Tate Live, Shanghai Biennale, and Sharjah Biennale. Solo exhibitions include “Projects 99: Meiro Koizumi” (Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2013) and “Battlelands” (Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2018). His experimental VR Theater piece “Prometheus Bound” won the Grand Prize in the 24th Art Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival.


Meiro Koizumi (JP): Concept / Sound Recording and Editing / Direction: Meiro Koizumi
Performers: Nguyen Hong Quan, Phuong Anh Nguyen, Manh Tuong Tran, Minh Nguyen, Le Thi Le Thuy
VR Production: A440 Inc.
VR Management: Tsuyoshi Nomura
VR Effects: Katsuya Taniguchi (Rhino Studios)
Co-operation: Dinh The Trung, Bui Thi Dong
Production Manager: Sayuri Fujii
Curator: Chiaki Soma
VR platform: STYLY (Psychic VR Lab)
Production: Theater Commons Tokyo, A440 Inc.