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Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance

Quo Artis (ES), Leonardo/Olats (FR), Ars Electronica (AT), University of Barcelona (ES)

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The sustainability discourse has largely played out in the domains of natural sciences and technology with recent contributions from the social and political sciences. However, during that time our individual and collective actions have lagged behind and the actual problems of sustainability have become worse. Roots & Seeds XXI aims to reflect on the biodiversity emergency by analyzing the transformation, adaptation and resilience of the plants from different perspectives, while promoting the intersection of art and science as the main platform to raise awareness about these issues.

Workshop: Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography What is a garden? Is it the same for a scientist, a botanist, a philosopher, a visual artist, or a gardener? For the birds nesting in the trees and bushes, the worms and bacteria in the soil, or the plants themselves? What is a garden for you? This workshop seeks to safeguard and promote botanical heritage by interweaving scientific knowledge with storytelling and humanities. Inspired by taxonomic cartographies, these workshops aim to go beyond the botanical characteristics of plants and highlight discourses that consider them agents rather than resources. “Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography” will promote the creative potential of artists and scientists working together, fostering multidisciplinary collaborative networks and hybrid methodologies. The concept of this event will be replicated in Barcelona, Paris and Linz during 2021.


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An international cooperation project between Ars Electronica (AT), Leonardo/ Olats (FR), University of Barcelona (ES) and Quo Artis (ES), as lead partner. With the collaboration of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona IBB (ES). Supported by Creative Europe Program of the European Union.