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Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Chieh-Hua Hsieh (TW), Li-Chuan Lin (TW), Akibo Lee (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Li-En Hsu (TW), Jia-Hong Chen (TW), Shu-Yu Tsai (TW)

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Interactive New Media Theater

SAYION consists of three acts to describe the complexities of various generations: Search, Obsession, and Death. Lost in a maze and in pursuit amid a varicolored world, reality and fantasy shift and interweave to create a magical realm. With 720-degree VR positioning and a 3D real-time motion capture system responding to suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience! During Japanese rule (WWII), Sayion’s (17yr old TW Austronesian girl) death was manipulated and glorified with songs, paintings and movies to promote patriotism. The Interactive New Media theatrical production SAYION will retell her story. It will lead you on a wonderful journey and perhaps in so doing, one may better comprehend his/her own path.

Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW): Executive Producer / Executive Director
Yu-Chiou Tchen is an accomplished leader, civil servant, pianist, author, educator, and avid promoter of Taiwan art and culture. Ms. Tchen is a member of the French Legion of Honour, holding 2 titles as a Chavalier and 1 as an Officeier. She is the current Chairwoman of the Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation. She served as the Taiwan Cultural Minister, Chairwoman of the Taiwan National Concert Hall, and the Dean of the Taiwan National Normal University, among other important posts.

Chia-Hui Lu (TW): Executive Producer / Executive Director
Chia-Hui Lu is a passionate artist and an active participant in art world. She is a pioneer and award winning cross art creator, a composer, a music director, and a renowned concert pianist. As the Chairwoman of the Egret Foundation, Ms. Lu continues on the organization’s 27 years tradition in promoting music and culture in Taiwan. Ms. Lu is a firm believer in stepping out of one’s comfort zone to cooperate and learn from experts in varying fields across continents to innovate and create art.

Chieh-Hua Hsieh (TW): Executive Producer / Executive Director
Chieh-Hua Hsieh is the Artistic Director of the Anarchy Dance Theatre. He has been featured in numerous International Festivals, such as Ars Electronica, Todays Art Festival, and George Town Festival. During the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, Mr. Hsieh was the Director for the opening ceremony.

Li-Chuan Lin’s (TW) career ranges from being the principal dancer with the American Repertory Ballet to soloist with the Atlanta Ballet. He choreographed the opening ceremonies of the World Game Kaohsiung in 2009 and the 2017 FISU in Taipei. He is the founder and artistic director of Collision Motion Lab.

Akibo Lee (TW): Visual Designer
Akibo Lee is the creator of many impactful designs for the pop music industry in Taiwan and has collaborated with many renowned recording artists. Akibo is also an interdisciplinary artist as he combines robotics and music to allow his work to transcend different realms.

Po-Yu Wang (TW): Visual Effects & Animation / Technical Supervisor
Po-Yu Wang founded IF Plus (est. 20212), a co. dedicated to creating innovative digital art designs for multimedia, marketing communication, and branding. IF has earned prestigious international awards including “The Best Show Concept in 2017” at the National Theater & Concert Hall 30th anniversary.

Billy Chang (TW): Dancer
Billy is a dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur. His production co, Natural Kind Inspiration Garden, engages with VR tech designers and the Egret Foundation. Billy held a primary performing role in Dralion by Cirque Du Soleil. He also choreographed for New York Fashion Week.

Li-En Hsu (TW): Dancer
Li-En Hsu is a member of Batsheva – The Young Ensemble in Israel. He previously performed with the Hung Dance Company from 2017-2020 in which he has won awards in international dance festivals. He is also a recent graduate from Taipei National University of the Arts’ Dance Department.

Shu-Yu Tsai (TW): Dancer
Shu-Yu Tsai is a freelance dancer and a certified Gyrotonic Trainer. As a dancer, Mr. Tsai has worked with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in 2017 and most recently with Collision Motion Lab since 2014. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Athletic Training.

Chia-Hung Chen (TW): Dancer
Chia-Hung Chen is the choreographer and instructor of “Their Story” at the Lais Creative Dance Theater and is the action designer and instructor of Abole Theater. A graduate of TNU Arts’ Dance dept, Chen is also involved with “The Good Old Days (2020)” at DiDi Dance Theater.

The Eslite Perfomance Hall (TW): Partner
The Eslite Perfomance Hall which features multi-functional theaters was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito. With 361 seats, the hall has held performances in classical music, theater, and dance. It is also suitable for forums, lectures and press conferences.


Production Company: Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation
Partner: Eslite Performance Hall Executive
Producer / Executive Director: Yu-Chiou Tchen
Art Director/ Music Designer: Chia-Hui Lu Director: Chieh-Hua Hsieh, Li-Chuan Lin
Visual Designer: Akibo Lee Dancer: Billy Chang, Li-En Hsu, Jia-Hong Chen, Shu-Yu Tsai
Interactive Technology: IF Plus Co., LTD.
Visual Effects & Animation / Technical Supervisor: Po-Yu Wang
Technical Adviser: Hsin-Chien Huang
Interactive Programmer: Ke-Jyun Wu
Recording Company: Dami Music
Sound Engineer: Micky Yang
Sound Editor: Vince Kao
Dance Design: Flying + Art Performing Arts Co., LTD.
Lighting Designer: Yu-Chen Hong
Costume Designer: Ci-Jhen Wang
Props Design: Hozen Plan Co., LTD. Ding-Li Chen