Rave Space
Fabian Burghardt, Frank Hahn, Tom Wendland

For many years, club culture has been one of the determining factors for the famous Berlin vibe. The Garden Berlin is celebrating electronic music and club culture and is presenting an hybrid rave night, at Friday September 10th.Therefor people from all over the world are invited to join the RAVE SPACE, Berlins first virtual 3D club.

Virtual Art Gallery

The Berlin Garden is hosting a virtual Rave on Friday night (CEST) in the RAVE SPACE, Berlin's first virtual 3D club. An extension of the club is a virtual art gallery, which will be open for the entire duration of the festival and show artistic representations of the Garden Berlin's real exhibits.


The curators of the Ars Eletronica Garden Berlin welcome the audience at Ostkreuz, the busiest interchange station in Berlin. The path leads eastwards beyond the so-called "S-Bahn-Ring", where for many locals and tourists the city of Berlin ends.


In addition to the ongoing exhibition, the Garden Berlin is presenting a hybrid rave night on Friday September 10th. People from all over the world are invited to join the RAVE SPACE, Berlin’s first virtual 3D club.

Curation: Andreas Ingerl (DE) & Moritz Schell (DE). Participating Students: Maria Bürger (DE), Elena Kunau (RU), Hoang Quynh Nguyen (DE), Felix Sewing (DE) & Mariya Yordanova (BG) et al.

The exhibition ARTIFICIAL REALITY – VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE showcases student projects that deal with these questions: By means of a Brain Computer Interface, the emotional state of the participant influences the perception of the virtual world.