Open Science Hub BLAST
Brendan Owens (IE) and Róisín McGannon (IE)

In this participative workshop Science Gallery facilitators will playfully introduce the topics of BIAS and AI. You’ll then embark on a journey of co-creation to gather specific problems with respect to these issues and rapidly ideate solutions with specific users in mind.

OnlyBans: A Playthrough and Discussion on the Policing of Bodies
Science Gallery at Michigan State University (US) featuring work by Lena Chen (US/CN), Maggie Oates (US), Goofy Toof (US)

Created by sex workers and allies, OnlyBans is an interactive game that critically examines the policing of marginalized bodies and sexual labor to empathetically teach people about digital surveillance and discrimination faced by sex workers.

Citizens' Think-In with ADAPT
Dave Lewis (IE), Haleh Asgarinia (NL), Andres Chomczyk (BE), Beatriz Esteves (ES), Emma Clarke (IE), Anne Kearns (IE)

Join our workshop to discuss” Who Should we Trust with our Data?” Science Gallery Dublin invites you to join ADAPT & PROTECT researchers in a Citizens’ Think-In on Thursday 9 Sept 202, 12-13:30 BST. We Want to Hear Your Opinion!

(EN)COMPASS: An Art-Science Conversation Series
Nicholas Medvescek (US), Lizzie Crouch (UK), Moderated by Ryan Jefferies (AU), Director, Science Gallery Melbourne

(EN)COMPASS is a new series hosted by the Science Gallery Network, interrogating the impact of art and science coming together. As interdisciplinary collaboration emerges as a vital linchpin in an increasingly interconnected world, the role of a Creative Producer is coming to the fore.


In this pivotal new work developed in collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin, ORLAN will join us virtually from Paris in a brand new performance through a connection between the artist and the artist’s replica: ORLANOÏDE, who will perform live from the stage in the Paccar Theatre at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

Science Gallery Dublin (IE) featuring work by Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL), Libby Heaney (GB), Johann Diedrick (US), and Noah Levenson (US)

Explore AI, ethics, trust and justice by spending some time navigating and interacting with a brand-new exhibition platform designed exclusively by Science Gallery Dublin for online use.