An hour of violence
Domestic Data Streamers (INT/ES)

In this workshop the creative team at Domestic Data Streamers will walk you through 8 invisible contemporary violences that have a great impact in our everyday lives. The team will talk about the conceptual research behind the project, how they’ve turned such complex information into an interactive exhibition and will end up with a live collective debate on meaningful questions around the topic.

Art and (invisible) technology: A closer look at Soft Evidence and On View
Ania Catherine (US), Dejha Ti (US)

In both  Soft Evidence (2021) and On View (2019), Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti incorporate advanced technologies into immersive works that appear to be non-digital—even though they are the opposite. In this talk, the duo dive into their approach to using technology both conceptually and technically in their practice. 

Impact Art AT, Artist Talk 
Patrícia J. Reis (AT), Shamsher Virk (US) 

Nehmen Sie online an einem Gespräch mit Patrícia J. Reis teil, einer in Wien lebenden Installationskünstlerin, die in ihrer Arbeit verschiedene Formate und Medien einsetzt, um unsere Beziehung zur modernen Technologie zu untersuchen. In einer fortlaufenden Untersuchung, die die Grenzen zwischen Wissenschaft, Technologie, Magie und spirituellem Glauben destabilisiert, geht sie den Fragen "Wie glauben wir an Maschinen?" und "Wie formt uns die Technologie körperlich?" nach.

Expansion of a Critical Mind 
Bryan J. Romero García  (CU)

The artist sets out his projects like Narcissus contemplating his reflection. Through the use of digital tools, the artist has created, analyzed, questioned, and rehearsed a universe that reveals his ethical and existentialist concerns.

 Maurice Haedo Sanabria (CU) 

COPINCHA is a hackerspace located in Centro Habana. It is a self-managed and self-moderated community, interested in socializing solutions of common benefit through free and open uses of technologies.

Luz A. Crespo Valentín (PR), Brad Dean (PR), Johnny Lugo Vega (PR)

As part of our approach to this year’s theme, A New Digital Deal, we want to showcase the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s mission to apply digital technology, innovation and research to resolve the social challenges that afflict Puerto Rican communities.

Project presentation: Start a Reaction
Robert Pierce (US), Elise Butterfield (US), Taylor Shuck (US), Maysam Al-Ani (US)

This presentation by artists and curators Robert Pierce, Elise Butterfield, Taylor Shuck, and Maysam Al-Ani will feature documentation of the performance and AR works made as part of the Start a Reaction project, an anti-nukes art and technology campaign. Additionally, an overview of the project’s intentions, significance, and history of the threat of nuclear weapons.

Architecting Global Communities
LASER Auckland (NZ), LASER New York City (US), LASER Nomad (DE), LASER Pasadena (US), LASER Rio de Janeiro (BR), LASER Santa Fe (MX), LASER St. Petersburg (RU)

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, transnational communication and planetary citizenship, how do we build stronger communities committed to social justice, elevating underrepresented voices, and bridging the digital divide?

Golnaz Asldini (IR), Moein Mohebalian (IR)

A theatrical work written and directed by Moein Mohebalian narrates the life of a theater couple who want to immigrate to another country, however, it is not possible for them. Golnesa Farokh, acted by Golnaz Asldini, is a playwright student. The play IELTS 6.5 took part in anologio festival in Greece 2021, heard in the universal day of theater in Athens.

Diaries in the Deal of COVID-19
FBI Lab (TW)

Taiwan was lucky to survive the COVID-19 attack last year. In May of this year, we could not escape from the real challenge of COVID-19. The whole Taiwan suddenly entered the third level of alert. During the epidemic, many things had to be adjusted and redesigned in time. Every building entrance is covered with QR-Code, everyone has become a “sticker man” and a “mask man”. People “qualify” to enter buildings only if they wear masks, get a temperature sticker and scan the QR-Code. Under the epidemic, everyone’s right to life is equal. The society has produced an alternative democracy. The order of freedom and rights are reorganized. We launched the “Diaries in the Deal of COVID-19" campaign, and encouraged everyone to create and record his diary during the epidemic. On September 10th, we will hold a press forum where everyone will show their diary and share their thoughts and life experiences during the epidemic.