Pre-Present Sensitivities
Katarina Blažič (SI), Irena Gatej (SI), Sandra Jovanovska (MK), Ivana Kalc (HR), Aljaž Lavrič (SI), Boris T. Matić (HR), Anja Paternoster (SI), Ana Prebil (SI), Miha Reja (SI)

Through pre-existing impressions of sensitivity, the student film program questions the transience, limitation, silence, closeness, voice, touch, pleasure, fears, long before the arrival of the “new corona reality,” which threatens to engulf everything in us, and paralyze an even more uncertain future.

Fear Free
Jasna Hribernik (SI) Sarah de Günther (HU) Immanuel Hofman (GR), Ivana Kalc (HR), Vasily Kuzmich (UA), Luka Mavrič (SI), Nabil Nazeem (PS), Kristian Petrovčič (SI), Matej Rimaič (SI), Adriana Kostja Ronkali (SI), Una Savić (RS), Parisa Zaeri (IR), Staš Zupanc (SI)

TV Free Europe explores the possibilities of freedom (especially freedom of speech) and change, it aims to transgress social bubbles and connect voices, locations, times and stories, historical topics with today’s and tomorrow's facts and fictions.

Social Innovation with Art-Sci-Tech
Peter Purg (SI), New media Carrier module leader Rene Rusjan (SI), Contemporary art practices Carrier module leader Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Art & Science guest mentor

School of Arts is a part of a small but distinctly international University of Nova Gorica, which provides a fruitful environment for interdisciplinary research. In addition to participating in humanities projects, at this institution art finds ways to cooperate with natural sciences, environmental sciences, karstology, physics and astrophysics.

Renaissance 2.0
Valerie Wolf Gang (SI), Miha Godec (SI)

Have we lost our touch but gained new awareness? What is the impact of the Artificial Intelligence on Life? What will the hybridization of Life and Artificial Intelligence mean for us? These are just some of the questions that are posed in the work by two alumni of the School of Arts, Valerie Wolf Gang and Miha Godec.