Hypergravity Bio Portal
Christiaan Zwanikken (NL)

As part of the plant becomes a machine becomes a plant project of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Waag Society, V2_the lab for unstable media and Zone2Source, Christiaan Zwanikken started an experiment to grow a variety of red-leaved basil plants under hyper-gravitational conditions. Hypergravity is able to stimulate plants at a cellular level and changes the physiology in interesting ways.

Science in Residency, some kind of voodoo
Manthia Diawara (US) and Raoul Frese (NL)

In order to flip the more usual format of collaboration between an artist and scientist, Raoul Frese has taken on a three-year residency with filmmaker Manthia Diawara. Invited by GLUON (Brux. Belgium), their starting point was the impact of artificial intelligence at the village of Yene near Dakar (Senegal).

Organic fashion: Chemistry and LHBTQ+
Iza Awad (NL)

In a world of rapid consumption, we constantly deplete natural resources to deliver new fashion trends. Iza Awad, a master’s student in chemistry, a joint degree of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam, tackled this issue in his research project by producing fabrics from cellulose material that constantly grows in kombucha, a fermented tea drink. Awad also showed that the biopolymer is especially well suited to contain living plants and other photosynthetic organisms.

Merging experiences
Evelina Domnitch (BY, NL) and Dmitry Gelfand (NL)

Die Wissenschaft ist die Inspirationsquelle für viele der Kunstwerke von Evelina Domnitch und Dmitry Gelfand. Auch WissenschaftlerInnen sind von ihrer Kunst fasziniert. Ein Porträt von Interaktionen lässt die Grenzen der Disziplinen aus der Perspektive des Faszination und Neugier verschmelzen.