Where we emerge - Pop-up and online exhibition
Sarah Conway Brophy, Sydney Gush, Jung Ho Park, Charlie Dean, Jungwoo Lee, Justine Nalus Guzman, Kelly Yue Xi

The whole world experienced the struggles of life in confinement and how it boosted our relationship with the digital world. This collective experience marked a watershed in the way we experience life. WHERE WE EMERGE is a pop-up exhibition in which students of the Art & Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago reflect on this change in our society.

experiments in free-drumming I
Sal Moreno

experiments in free-drumming I is a performance of improvisational drumming motivated by digital sounds and visuals which are generated in real-time via a motion-capture suit. The performance engages the body as a sonic mediator between the physical and virtual spaces. The performer engages digital sound through hand motions and gestures, amplifying and softening frequencies while experimenting with various rhythmic sequences.

My Shoes, Your Walk
Jonas Sun

This video depicts a revisit of a soundwalk that provided me countless inspiration and solace during the past year. Recorded with contact microphones chiseled and wired in the soles of my shoes, the soundtrack brings us back to last autumn, whereas my camera dangles in the summer heat, and my mind wanders across time.

Project presentation: Start a Reaction
Robert Pierce (US), Elise Butterfield (US), Taylor Shuck (US), Maysam Al-Ani (US)

This presentation by artists and curators Robert Pierce, Elise Butterfield, Taylor Shuck, and Maysam Al-Ani will feature documentation of the performance and AR works made as part of the Start a Reaction project, an anti-nukes art and technology campaign. Additionally, an overview of the project’s intentions, significance, and history of the threat of nuclear weapons.