HSE Garden Pavilion

The body company

Anastasia Arkhipova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Vasily Shikhachevsky (RU)

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An interactive 360-degree video

An interactive 360-degree video “The body company” draws attention to the taboo topic of menopause through captivating and approachable content.
The project metaphorically presents the human body as a large business company under a series of reconstructions. The video showcases structural changes happening in the „body company“ after the partial leaving of important employees — estrogens. This reform represents a starting point of menopause and sets a stage to reveal the nuances of the process. In the video, the loss of important workers affects all parts of the „body company“ and sets off corresponding processes in every „department“.
Video characters — body company’s directors — view menopause not as the end of life, but as an important period that requires attention and a proper approach.
As a result, by the end of the video, the viewer is informed about the natural processes and healthcare measures that bring harmony to the „company“.
The project has three display options: 1. It can be presented as a panoramic video installation 2. It can be adapted for the VR headset or 3. It can be displayed as a flat narrative screencast of the 360-degree video.

Anastasia Arkhipova (RU): artist, digital fashion designer, BA student (Animation and illustration, HSE University) Anastasia Arkhipova works with 3D graphics and virtual fashion. In her artistic practice, Anastasia explores the subject of the human body. By creating vibrant characters and fantastic worlds Anastasia challenges the perception of difficult and taboo social topics. Telling Stories Festival participant, 2021 Group exhibition: „Utop-top-topia“ HSE Art Gallery, 2019

Kate Umnova (RU) — multimedia curator, lecturer (Multimedia art and Multimedia design, HSE University) With a background in physics and art, Kate Umnova is interested in combining logical structures with holistic observations. She seeks new approaches to art exhibiting and environment perception through the means of collaborative action, new media, and digital interfaces. Exhibitions: What Time Are You? A walk in game time, a group exhibition of new media and game artists, HSE Art Gallery, 2020 New Japan. The Observer Effect, a group exhibition of Japanese new media artists, Solyanka State Gallery, 2018 Stelarc’s Postevolution: Hybridisation rather than typization, a documentary exhibition dedicated to the work of Australian artist Stelarc, Solyanka State Gallery, 2018 Meta Matter, a group exhibition of Dutch animation artists, Solyanka State Gallery, 2017.

Vasily Shikhachevsky (RU) — motion designer, curator of the Typomania video contest, lecturer (Multimedia and motion design, HSE University)


Anastasia Arkhipova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Vasily Shikhachevsky (RU), HSE University