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Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden (DE)

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A virtual tour of the pandemic

How can a museum transfer its authentic on-site experience into the digital world? The New Digital Deal allows visitors from all over the world to enjoy a virtual live tour through the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum’s (DHMD) permanent exhibition “The Human Adventure.” Join an interactive, discussion-based tour that not only offers you previously unseen perspectives on objects and transcends the barriers of space, but also raises questions about societies and how they deal with illness, health, self-care and prevention. Created out of a necessity to reach its visitors during lockdown and with a pandemic raising the questions of what kind of life is really worth living, the virtual live tour offers a fresh view of ten objects and the pandemic. Not only will you be able to discuss questions around global health, but also about how a museum’s atmosphere and space can be translated into the digital sphere. What are the challenges and opportunities of virtual museum tours? And can they possibly provide new perspectives? Remain in your seat wherever you are and experience an example of where virtual live tours can take you in the New Digital Deal.


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