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Trip trough „We Tripantú“ (Mapuche’s New Year Celebration) – Chin Chin Tirapíe

Chinchintirapie (CL), La Fabulosa República de la Montaña (CL)

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The “We Tripantu” it’s the traditional new year’s celebration for Mapuche People, normally celebrated on June 24th, when the shortest day of winter is upon us. The winter solstice, is the biggest celebration for Mapuche communities, welcoming the return of the new sun and the new life.

Is in that spirit of renovation “Chinchintirapié Carnival School” a Chilean based organization will be presenting up a musical performance called “We tripantú and funeral procession” the show divided in 3 “coplas” that will be center in Birth, Life & Death. Will celebrate will celebrate life cycles with the powerful sounds of a “comparsa” that not only have a big array of musicians playing trumpets, trombones, clarinets, tubas, saxophones, and accordions; and exotic percussions such as the Chin chin(orchestra man), caja, güiro and plates, dancers, and Masked characters in charge of protecting the troupe, opening the street, representing satire and criticism of the troupe, using different or giant puppets. We are sorry to say that brujos will not participate as traditions won’t allow them to be appear on camera. This mestizo street show invites you from the community carnival resistance to a travel through the natural cycles of Life and Death. With our ancestral roots, the band will take sounds and vibrations towards the cycles that do not end, but rather continue from the circular worldview in our territories and our relationship with the Sun. At the same time, our singers and dancers through voice will denounce and they will celebrate the transition; Their colorful opposition costumes will bring strength and energy from their bodies and expressions from our memory of people in struggle and mestizo resistance. While the figurines through the use of masks will give life, through different elements, to the symbolic and ritual memory that surround each of our assemblies, at the same time that they will provide the necessary protection – both physical and spiritual.


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The Program

Llamado baion

  • Baion del Pavel
  • Bombo chivara
  • Mia fiorella
  • Samba de Janeiro


  • Reina de cumbia – Patricia
  • Fuiste


  • Miren como sonríen


Fabián Andrade: Chilean and Welsh, creative technologist & film, managing areas of computer graphics such as design, motion & programming on a diverse range of projects. After working in different cities around the world such as London, Copenhagen and Santiago. He had the opportunity of working with an eclectic mix of brands such as: Windows, Ford, Adidas, Unilever, Braun, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Honda, Stella Artois, among others, and big agencies like: Wunderman, TMW, VCCP, Ralph&co, Havas Helia, and J. Walter Thompson. But at some point he decided to leave London and come back to build a farm with his father and dedicate to permaculture and art. Now after COVID he has found a new way to collaborate with people from his mud house.


Comparsa Chin Chin Tirapíe
La Fabulosa republica de la Montaña.