Unburn It

Unburn It

M Wingren (FI/US), Carl Victor Wingren (FI), Arto Chydenius (FI)

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The interactive composition Unburn It approaches a digital new deal from the perspective of music. It begins by examining how music is played online; often echoing pre-digital constraints, such as linear recordings that are the same with each playback. However, opportunities to expand from these conventions are embedded in digital tools themselves; music playback can be interactive, multimedia, and nonlinear. This work is a music release as a web browser game. Upon entering the URL, the visitor is submerged in a polluted ocean. The seed of the composition itself is an eco-grief dirge which can be bent and morphed into danceable catharsis or disjointed fragments. As the player sinks through the screen space, clicking and dragging changes the structure of the music flowing around them. Clicking on various objects that float into view also produces sounds, making the work function like a visual score. The amount of interaction is the player’s choice; one can simply observe the piece or transform its patterns. Unburn It functions as an instrument, a composition, and a game.


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M Wingren: M Wingren is an intermedia artist and musician who creates systems to play music as part of the composition process. This includes embodied and mixed reality interfaces, as well as game-like systems. M is broadly interested in the parallels and intersections between computing, brain function and music. M holds an MA in Sound in New Media from Aalto University.