Uncanny Dream

Uncanny Dream

Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag (RU), Katya Galitskaya (RU), Mitry Grankov (RU), Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU), Anastasia Koroleva (RU), Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr (RU), Eugene Kruglov (RU), Ivan Netkachev (RU), Nika Peshekhonova (RU), Alexey Ryabov (RU), Pavel Seldemirov (RU), Vladimir Sheshak (RU), Anna Shustikova (RU), Roman Solodkov (RU), Xenia Obukhovskaya (RU)

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Online exhibition

The “Uncanny Dream” is an exhibition focused on how young Russian artists, as digital natives, explore the impact of new technologies such as AI, AR and video games on art, culture and society. The project unites artworks reflecting on issues of the Coronacene epoch. One of the key motifs of the exhibition is a metaphor of a dream as an anxiety related to uncertainty and the constant rapid changes of the world. The show also addresses topics such as AI biases, different forms of biopolitics as a response to COVID-19 crisis and social isolation and loneliness in times of pandemic. The “Uncanny Dream” project is taking place in a hybrid format. The physical exhibition is complemented by an online show. The website presents video games, art bots, interactive projects, video art, digital images and video documentations of the projects. The public program of the project includes curatorial tours, artist-talks, performances, panels and lectures.

Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag (RU) (born in 1986): Moscow-based artist and game developer. Participant of IBORG collective and former member of AAA software art-group. His works focusing on exploring the artistic potential of videogames, game mechanics, creative coding, and designing art bots. Currently, he is teaching in HSE design school at the game design department.

Katya Galitskaya (RU) (b.1986): Russian digital artist. Grew up on a military base in Poland. She has six degrees in design, marketing and illustration. In the last few years she has become interested in the possibilities of three dimensional art. Currently, she is studying interactive media in the Rodchenko Art School. In the future, she plans to focus on developing computer games. She also has worked in the biggest Russian animation studio (Souzmultfilm) and collaborates with fashion brands.

Mitry Grankov (RU): Mitry Grankov (b. 1987) is an artist, musician, graphic designer, PhD (history). Graduated from the School of Contemporary Art \“Free Workshops\“ MMOMA. As a musician collaborates with Integrative Theater Studio ITS Krug (The Meyerhold Theater Center resident). As an artist works with sound-art and objects, as well as video and installation. Focuses on historical studies (collective memory), and research the touchpoint of digital/analogue, old/contemporary, history/future.

Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU): Katya graduated from the Rodchenko Art School. Works with experimental manual photo printing, video, photography, installation. Sasha is MEPhI graduated programmer, also musician and artist focused on interactive environments and generative practices. Both have Master’s degrees in Digital Art. As an art-duo they explore the paradigm of new media, combining traditional artistic techniques and new technologies. Winners/laureates of Pixel Fest, Audi Born Digital, Re:store Digital Earth, EOFA.

Anastasia Koroleva (RU): Moscow-based interdisciplinary artist, performer (b.1997). Studies the relationship between human and technology, the influence of technology on sensoric perception, developments sound machines and installations. Group exhibitions (selected): “Future Lab. Kinetic Art in Russia”, The Tretyakov Gallery (2021), “Blind zone”, the Polytech (2021), CTM Festival (2020) etc. Personal exhibitions was presented at The SA)) gallery (2021), The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin (2020).

Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr (RU) (b.1985): St.Petersburg-based artist, video game developer, member of the IBORG art collective. Yuliya is interested in realtime 3D graphics, Unreal Engine art, glitch aesthetics, and procedural rhetoric. Selected exhibitions: Games Not Games (Electromuseum, Moscow, 2018, co-curator), 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2020), Russian Federation pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2021). A-MAZE Festival 2020 Award and Humble New Talent Award 2021 Nominee.

Eugene Kruglov (RU) (b. 1997): Moscow-based cross media artist, student of the New and Interactive Media department at the Rodchenko Art School. He works in the field of interactive communication practices, using photography, sound, video, game mechanics and neural networks to conduct his artistic research. Among his interests is the study of background cultural knowledge, in the context of creating speculative and reinterpretive models.

Ivan Netkachev (RU) (b. 1998): Moscow-based artist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theoretical linguistics, and currently works as a researcher in HSE, Moscow. As a scientist, he investigates grammatical patterns in natural languages; as an artist, he attempts at discovering hidden grammatical patterns in the objects of the real world. His interests include generative poetry, text- and image-generating automata, as well as collecting, categorizing and cataloging of images/representations.

Nika Peshekhonova (RU): Born in 1994 in Belarus. Resides in Moscow. She has a bachelor’s degree in virtual environment design. She is currently a student of the Rodchenko School of Art, the workshop „Interactive Art of New Media“. In her work she uses 3d graphics, neural networks and video games. Explores situations of transformative mechanical experience in virtual spaces. As well as issues of human interaction and virtual reality using data from neural networks.

Alexey Ryabov (RU) (b. 1986): Moscow-based artist and architect. Computer 3D modeling and digital graphics are his main artistic media. Collaborates as an artist and level-designer with video game developers. Works as a researcher in the field of theory and history of architecture and as an architect in the field of architectural design. Associate Professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute. PhD in architecture. Graduated from the School of Contemporary Art \“Free Workshops\“ MMOMA in 2020.

Pavel Seldemirov (RU): Born in 1988 in Volgograd. Has an engineering education. Resides in Moscow. Practiced photography and semiotics of image. Studied Philosophy of Art at the Jewish Museum and Anthropology of Image at the Russian Academy of Arts. Graduated from the Rodchenko Art School, «Communications, Interactive and Novel Media Workshop 2015–2018». Art theoretician and artist actively working with digital media. Pavel studies the line of philosophy from Stoics to Spinoza, though Deleuze to Brian Massumi’s philosophy of speculative pragmatism and Levi Bryant’s object-oriented philosophy. The scope of Pavel’s interests include determinism and predestination in the act, ethics as a science about relations between objects, and aesthetics as an access practice, logics of sensation and affection, theories of formation. In his art practices, Pavel designs experiences and impressions.

Vladimir Sheshak (RU) (born in 1983): Works as an artist in mixed media: AR, media art, installation, sculpture, photography, performance art. Не explores various forms of human existence and non-existence through the lens of digital, social and natural environments. Vladimir has graduated from the Backshtein Institute of Contemporary Art and the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops (Moscow Museum of Modern Art). Group exhibitions and forums (selected): International festival of contemporary ART+TECH DISARTIVE 2020, Blockchain Life Forum 2021, The Time of Things (Winzavod Center of Contemporary art, 2021), Workshop 20’20. Homo Communicans (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2020), Method (Tretyakov Gallery, 2020).

Anna Shustikova (RU): Born in 1992 in Samara. Grew up in the closed atomic town Zarechny. Has bachelor degree in physics and applied math. Currently studies at Rodchenko Art School. In her artwork Anna explores the connection and confrontation between body and power. She is interested in the way new technologies create new forms of surveillance and discrimination. She works with artificial intelligence, video, performance, sculpture, and installations.

Roman Solodkov (RU): Moscow-based artist born in 1995. Holds BSc degree in biology and MSc in neuroscience. Currently studies at Rodchenko Art School with a focus on new media art. Works with 3D-graphics, video games, creative coding, interactive installations. His interests revolve around co-transformation of technology and corporeality, biopolitics, materialist media theory, art&science. Current projects are focused on how interfaces structure our relationships with technology and ways to alter them.

Xenia Obukhovskaya (RU): She was born in 1994 in Moscow. Received her first education at Moscow State University, where did her graduation research on situationism. Currently studies at Rodchenko Art School at the departments of “Interactive New Media Art” and “Moving image”. Artist explores issues surrounding identity and corporeality as well as speculations in media and video games, media violence and the impact of digital technologies on mental health. Works with new media and transmedia installation.


Curators: Helena Nikonole, Oxana Chvyakina Artists: Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag, Katya Galitskaya, Mitry Grankov, Gray cake, Anastasia Koroleva, Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr, Ivan Netkachev, Xenia Obukhovskaya, Rona Peshekhonova, Alexey Ryabov, Eugene Kruglov, Pavel Seldemirov, Vladimir Sheshak, Anna Shustikova, Roman Solodkov.