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Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat”

Boris Shershenkov (RU)

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On the territory of a modern city bioinert soil systemsbecome part of the urbantechnobicenosis and irreversibly change under theinfluence of many anthropogenic andtechnogenic factors. Urban soils and techno-soils,encased in the armor of asphalt andpaving slabs, are also formed under the influenceof constant vibrations from various typesof electromechanical systems. Urban transport, ventilationand air conditioning systems,large and small industrial enterprises create constantvibrational fields of sonic andinfrasonic frequencies which propagate in solids athigh speed and carry a huge amount ofenergy absorbed and dissipated by the soils.

Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat „isdedicated to working with vibrationalfields of urban techno-soils. The streams of mechanicalenergy captured with the geophonesbecome audible when the equilibrium states of theauthor’s electroacoustic system of thePhonotrone type are violated.


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Boris Shershenkov (RU): Boris Shershenkov (b. 1990, Vladivostok, Russia) – sound artist, PhD (candidate of technicalsciences) and musical instrument designer. Focusingon projects that develop newmethodologies in technological and sound art, he investigatesthe relationship betweenhuman and technology combining modern techniques withmedia archaeological research.Boris is engaged in various activities in the fieldof experimental music and sound art as theauthor of numerous media installations and sound performancesand curator of concertprograms, exhibitions and educational projects. Asa musician, he is actively working in theareas of live electronics and electroacoustic improvisation,both solo and in collaborationwith Russian and foreign musicians.Currently lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.